GOP Rep. Kevin Kiley Lists Off Numerous Lies by Democrats Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell, and Lieu on Trump Russia Hoax – Durham Agrees (VIDEO)

Former special counsel John Durham testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

Special Counsel John Durham released his final report earlier this month in his investigation on the launch of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax by top intelligence Durham concluded the FBI had no verified intel when it opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump in 2016. And the FBI still had no evidence when they opened the Mueller Special Counsel in 2017.

The Crossfire Hurricane CI investigation was based on lies conjured up by Hillary Clinton and her paid for fake Russia dossier.

On Wednesday Durham testified before the House Judiciary Committee. During his testimony Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-CA) took time out to list all of the lies by popular Democrats Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell, and Ted Lieu. Durham agreed with Kiley’s assessment.

Rep. Kiley: Mr. Durham, several people today, including ranking member Nadler and three representatives from California Mr. Schiff, Mr. Swalwell and Mr. Lieu have attacked you. Ranking Member Nadler called your report a political exercise with ethical ambiguity. Mr. Lieu called you a partisan hack.

However, it seems that they’re taking issue not so much with the conclusions of your report court as those of Mr. Mueller’s report, which concluded that the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

That conclusion directly contradicted statements made on the record by those representatives. For example, Mr. Schiff in 2017 2018 made statements such as the Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help, the Russians gave help, and the President made full use of that help. And that is pretty damning. He also said there’s clear evidence on the issue of collusion. He said, I think there’s plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. Mr. Durham, are those statements supported by the conclusions of the Mueller Report?

John Durham: I don’t believe so.

Rep Kiley: Mr. Nadler stated It’s clear that the campaign concluded, and there’s a lot of evidence of that. The question is, was the President involved? Mr. Nadler also said there was obviously a lot of collusion. Mr. Durham, were those statements supported by the Mueller report?

John Durham: I don’t believe so.

Rep. Kiley: Mr. Lew stated in a press release in March of 2017, the bombshell revelation that US. Officials have information that suggests Trump associates may have colluded with the Russians means we must pause the entire Trump agenda. We may have an illegitimate President of the United States currently occupying the White House. Mr. Durham, did the Mueller report establish that we had an illegitimate President occupying the White House?

John Durham: Not to my knowledge.

Rep. Kiley: Even here today, we had Mr. Schiff raise questions about your public statement during the investigation, saying this somehow violated a DOJ policy. However, Mr. Mueller himself made a public statement in January of 2019. This is an article from CNN Headline. Mueller’s office disputes. BuzzFeed report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. So whatever policy there might exist in the DOJ with respect to public statements by Special Counsels, it would seem that you and Mr. Moore would be on equal footing with respect to it. Is that correct?

John Durham: it seems so.

Rep. Kiley: Mr. Nadler, ranking Member Nadler also suggested that we’re only here today because of the recent indictments of President Trump. However, you received your assignment as Special Counsel in 2019, is that correct”

John Durham: That’s correct.

Everything the left said about Trump and Russia was a complete lie. Today John Durham confirmed this. Unfortunately, no one was held to account so we can expect more and more of this corruption, criminal activiy and lies from our government in the years ahead.

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