Gloves Are Off: Russian Officials Ramp up the Nuclear Rhetoric – Nightly Bombing Campaign Against Kiev Enters Its Second Week – Intelligence Service HQ Hit

While there haven’t been any major developments lately along the frontline in the Ukraine since the conquest of Bakhmut/Artemovsk by the Russians, nevertheless this last week was one of increased activity.

The Russian campaign of attrition is taking its toll, even though countless billions of weapon and ammunition deliveries were poured into supplying the struggling Ukraine forces.

Early in the war, many wondered why Kiev had been mostly untouched during the military campaign. Those days are over. In the last week or so, a mostly night bombing campaign has been targeting Ukraine regions in the rear, away from the contact line, and in particular the capital Kiev.

Young woman in Kiev: ‘I just want to get some sleep’.

The mix of missiles and drones are slowly undermining Ukrainian morale in the capital. In a social media post that went viral, a young woman living in Kiev showed an awareness that the targets in the city were the Air defense missile systems.

“One question was bothering me. Is it possible to take the f*cking Patriot [missile system] somewhere for a week, like [to] Western Ukraine? Nothing personal, I just want to get some sleep.”

Budanov’s pathetic cope: ‘a psychological conquest of Crimea’.

But air defense systems are not the only targets. One day after Russian Ministry of Defense announced strikes against central decision-making points in Ukraine, the headquarters of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, on Rybalsky Island area of Kyiv, was targeted. Images show that the building shows signs of having been targeted.

The response from the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, who had previously boasted that Ukraine would retake Crimea before the end of spring, can only be described as pathetic.

Budanov said that Ukraine ‘purely psychologically’ took Crimea.

‘Today the occupiers have a holiday: supposedly we did not keep our promise to enter Crimea before the end of spring. There is such a thing as a psychological counteroffensive. Impress the enemy with the inevitability of defeat.

I think that we have completely succeeded. Purely psychologically, we took the Crimea.

As a military man, I will say that this is sometimes more important than real clashes with the enemy. This is an unconditional victory for our army, which will go down in military history textbooks’, he said.”

Zelensky is not well.

While all this is happening, fundraiser-in-Chief Zelenzky is out of the country, and allowed himself to be filmed in a visibly altered state, while meeting British PM Rishi Sunak, prompting questions about his stability in this crucial moment of the war.

Watch the video:

Lastly, but most importantly, the west continuing involvement in the conflict is moving the situation towards a confrontation of an impossible magnitude.

The latest Ukrainian drone attacks into Moscow have lit a fire that can engulf all the world.

The Sun reported:

“Within hours [of the drone attack] hard-line pro-Putin MPs were baying for a nuclear response. MP Oleg Nilov said: ‘Moscow was subject to a drone attack  by the Ukrainian terrorist state. Our response can be made from all available options of the Russian Armed Forces – tactical nuclear weapons won’t stay shelved for too long’.”


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