Globalist RINO Paul Ryan Gets BLOWN UP for Ripping President Trump and Defending Trans Children Mutilation (VIDEO)

Credit: Daily Caller

CBS “News” decided to have failed Speaker of the House (and Fox Board Member) Paul Ryan as a guest to weigh in on the Trump indictment. But that is not what is receiving the most online attention.

Clearly, the network was a bit desperate to find RINOs willing to dunk on President Trump so they decided to dive into the bottom of the trash bin to locate the political has-been.

Ryan predictably cast aside rightful conservative complaints that the garbage indictment is political in nature. He went on reiterate previous statements that Trump’s “baggage” makes him unelectable.

Here’s what he told CBS “News”:

I want to win. And if we nominate Trump, we’re gonna lose.

All the exhaustion of all the Trump baggage is going to make it easier now, I think, to make the argument to his core supporters: he’s not electable, he’s gonna cost us the Senate again, he’s gonna cost us more House seats.

Then the conversation turned to culture war issues where Ryan arguably fared worse.

CBS interviewer Nate Burleson asked Ryan to weigh on GOP lawmakers attempt to “ban books” (only age inappropriate ones) and restricting “trans rights” (not true).

Burleson: Is that a good approach? Is that a good strategy?

Ryan: I’m not a culture war guy. I think it’s really polarizing.

Translation: who cares if the radical left continues to mutilate our children? What really matters is another corporate tax cut.


True conservatives destroyed the former Speaker for his cowardly response.

This guy makes a great point.

For good measure conservatives also dunked on Ryan for ripping Trump:

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