Former J6 Prisoner Who Served Time for a Fist Bump and Kind Words to Police Is Running for a United States Congressional Seat – Already Endorsed by Mike Lindell

Derrick Evans
Derick Evans receives a big endorsement from Mike Lindell

It’s a seven-hour, eight-minute drive from Wayne County, West Virginia, to Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. — if you’re willing to pay the toll.

United States Congressional Candidate Derrick Evans plans to be there in January 2025. 

After serving a 3-month sentence in federal prison for a fist bump and kind words with police on January 6, 2021, some could argue that his toll is already paid.

“I was elected to the State House in 2020, so when I went to the Capitol on January 6th, I wasn’t there only for myself,” Evans explains in a Sunday evening phone call, “I was also there being the voice for the roughly 50,000 people who had elected me to represent them.”

Much to the chagrin of the political establishment, Evans has no intention of slowing down, and retribution is at the very top of his agenda.

A recent endorsement by Mike Lindell will only increase his chances of a triumphant return to the District of Columbia. 

“I never had any desire to run for federal office,” Evans says after returning from a jog in a West Virginia rain shower, “I liked just having a local office here and being a husband and a father — not subjecting my family to the nastiness of national politics. But after January 6th, they drug all of us in the middle of that. And so I looked around and said, ‘Well, why not?’ And so, long story short, I decided to run — to take this battle to their front door the same way they brought it to mine.”

Derrick Evans
Evans with his wife Melissa and their four children

With the primary election on May 14th, 2024, Evans believes he has plenty of time to make his case to the voters of West Virginia Congressional District 1. 

“This is a Trump district by far,” Evans says, “The five main issues concerning people in my area are the border, inflation, the weaponization of government, energy, and election integrity.”

Regarding any critique of his incumbent Republican opponent, Rep. Carol Miller, Derrick Evans prefers to keep it classy. 

“She was elected in 2018 — a total establishment person,” Evans says while treading as gently as he can and making his point about why West Virginia voters should give him her seat in the House of Representatives, “She’s a nice lady, and I have nothing negative to say about her as a person, but she’s in her seventies. On the main easy issues, she votes red. But when it comes to what most of us consider important, she doesn’t represent. She voted to send all this money to Ukraine. She supported the Covid vaccines and the lockdowns. She recently voted to raise the debt ceiling — she never holds the line.”

Derrick Evans
Evans and President Trump 6/22/23

Evans says it’s time to represent a new kind of Republican Party to move his district forward. 

“I’m more of a Freedom Caucus, Tea Party type of conservative,” he explains, “And that’s probably the biggest difference between me and her in terms of policy. She just goes along to get along. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re in a purple district, but this is one of the reddest districts in the country. We deserve a firebrand candidate. Someone like Matt Gaetz or Lauren Boebert who’s leading the charge on these liberty issues on the national stage.”

As for the recent endorsement by Mike Lindell, Evans is honored to receive the stamp of approval. 

“Mike Lindell’s a national name, and I would consider him a national hero, at least in conservative circles,” Evans says, “He knows we need a representative in this district who’s gonna beat the drum for these conservative issues on the national stage. And one of those is obviously, securing our elections. And I think it’s huge. I think it sends the message that if you care about election integrity and securing our elections as a matter of national security, Mike Lindell’s one of the leading experts. His endorsement proves I’m the guy you need to vote for.” 

But with nagging doubts about election integrity in the mix, it’s become increasingly difficult to convince disenfranchised voters to participate.
While acknowledging legitimate concerns, Evans reminds West Virginians about their duty to the republic as citizens. 

“I think 2016 proved that we can outvote the algorithm,” Derrick Evans says while encouraging faith in the American system, “And I believe we outvoted the algorithm again in 2020. 

That’s why we saw these abnormal things happen in several states for them to shut down the voting in the middle of the night. That’s just historic. It’s never happened. 

So I believe that we owe it to ourselves and our children and our grandchildren — even our forefathers who shed blood for this country — to do everything we can to resolve our differences in this country peacefully. And that starts with voting. That’s our first amendment rights.”

“We need to get out there, vote, and then go from there.”

You can learn more about Derrick Evans’ Campaign at 

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