FBI Catches Far-Left, Trump-Hating, Girl’s Gymnastics Photographer With Reportedly Over 500 Images of Child Porn

Royal Oak, MI, resident David Yellen is very vocal about how he despises President Trump and hates conservative values.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – The FBI recently discovered that the outspoken Trump-hating Yellen, a well-known photographer of girls’ gymnastics in the metro-Detroit area for over a decade, likes to possess and share naked photos of little girls online.

Fox 2 reports – David Yellen was arrested late last week after authorities said they tracked down the transfer of several images of child pornography that were being transferred his IP address.

According to the FBI, the investigation started on May 11 when an agent identified 14 files being transferred using names that were consistent with files containing child porn. The agent said of the images transferred; two showed the genitals of pre-pubescent girls.

Here’s one of many anti-Trump photos shared by Yellen on his Facebook page, showing him holding a Trump balloon frequently used at protests against conservatives by Trump-hating leftists.

Here’s another  anti-Trump post from Yellen

Yellen, who was just arrested for having and sharing hundreds of images of child pornography, retweeted an image showing families with guns, saying, “This is what grooming looks like.”

The man arrested for possessing and sharing child pornography is mocking conservatives for fighting to stop drag queens from performing or interacting with small children.

Yellen spent a great deal of time sharing his views on Twitter. Only days before his arrest, Yellen retweeted a tweet by Erica Marsh about alleged text messages found on Mark Meadows’ cell phone as part of the Jan 6 Witch Hunt Committee investigation.

On April 5, MSNBC’s Brian Tyler Cohen twisted the truth about the Republican Speaker of the House in Kansas; instead of telling the truth about how he passed a bill to protect young girls from having to compete against biological males in sports, he tweeted that Kansas Speaker Hawkins passed a “new anti-LGBTQ bill that allows for forced genital inspections of children in order for them to play sports.”

David Yellen responded, “He looks like just the kind of guy that wants to inspect kids’ genitals!”

You can’t make this stuff up!

Yellen was also a “Stay at Home” shamer on Facebook during Covid.

According to the Detroit News, During the search at Yellen’s home Thursday, he told agents he downloaded child pornography 10 years ago, the government alleged.

“Yellen denied producing child pornography but stated that he often surreptitiously photographed the bare feet of the children at the gymnastics academy he was employed by and at gymnastics events he attended as an official photographer,” the FBI agent wrote. “Yellen stated he would then masturbate to the images.”

Investigators identified at least 1,500 files during the search that were images of child sexual exploitation, the agent wrote.

“At least 500 of the files met the federal definition of child pornography,” the agent added.
The hard drive also includes a folder titled “BFK.” Yellen told the agent it was an acronym for “Barefoot Kids,” according to the court filing.

“The folder contained at least 200 images of the bare feet of children who attended Yellen’s gym and gymnastics events,” the agent wrote.

Yellen shared images on his personal Facebook page of little girls he posed with while working as a gymnastics photographer.

This photo shows Yellen lying on top of a little girl playing on the gymnastics mats.

Here’s another, with the faces of the young girls blocked out.

The academy is not identified in the court filing. Facebook posts indicate Yellen shot photos and videos at various academies, including Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy in Novi.



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