ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith Discuses Trump Indictment With Cuomo ‘They Can’t Beat Him Legitimately’ (Video)

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith recently joined Chris Cuomo on News Nation to discuss Trump’s recent indictment.

In the interview with Cuomo, Smith discussed how many Americans are tired of seeing Trump indicted.

The well-seasoned sports commentator shared that the new indictment of Trump over “classified documents” being stored at Mar-A-Lago, will only lead to Trump supporters saying “They can’t beat him legitimately”.

Smith continued and admitted the new indictment will ultimately lead to Trump gaining more momentum.


It appears after being canceled by the woke mob himself, Chris Cuomo has taking more of a middle of the road stance when it comes to political issues.

In a separate interview with investigative journalist Matt Taibbi, Cuomo admitted that the Biden-backed DOJ going after Trump is terrible optics.


Trump is expected to be arraigned next Tuesday in Miami.

Read more about the indictment below:

BREAKING: Trump Says He Has Been Indicted By Biden’s DOJ — Will Be Arraigned Tuesday in Miami!


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