Elon Musk Makes Trans Activists Melt Down After Declaring that Their Two Favorite Words are Now Slurs on Twitter – His Community Notes then Buries Joe Biden After He Tells Big Lie About Deficit Reduction

Twitter owner Elon Musk talks to BBC tech reporter James Clayton.
Twitter owner Elon Musk talks to BBC tech reporter James Clayton. (BBC News / YouTube screen shot)

Wednesday served as reminder of the changes at Twitter under Elon Musk’s leadership.

Musk announced that the platform would be declaring that two of radical LGBTQ left’s favorite words are now slurs on Twitter. These words are cis and cisgender.

In addition, users could face suspension for using the terms.

The announcement came in response to a conservative user saying he was being bullied by radical trans activists on the platform.

The woke trans activists took the news as well as you would expect.

Musk also used his Twitter fact checker, Community Notes, to deliver a brutal smackdown to Biden after he told a lie about deficit reduction. Biden claimed that he personally reduced the deficit more than any other President in history.

The deficit reduction had nothing to do with Biden and only happened because pandemic emergency spending automatically expired.

The Washington Post rated this claim “highly misleading” and other fact-checkers have disputed its accuracy.

The $1.7T spending reduction claimed by Biden was the result of pandemic emergency spending that automatically expired, versus action taken by the president.

In fact, the Republican House Budget Office notes that the Biden regime has added over $10 trillion in spending, more than any other President on record. This is precisely the reason we have record inflation and Americans are having trouble paying the bills.


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