Philly Prisoner Cush’Mir McBride Fed J6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel When the Prison Was Starving Him – So the Prison Guards Knocked Out His Tooth and Brutally Beat Him, Leaving His Flesh Exposed – Here is His Harrowing Story – AUDIO

Jan. 6 Political prisoner Ryan Samsel and Cush’Mir McBride -two survivors of horrendous prison abuse.

Cush’Mir McBride is a victim of horrendous prison abuse. In April 2021 Cush’Mir, then only 21, was indicted by the US Attorney’s Office for his alleged involvement in civil unrest in Philadelphia, which had spread nationwide in the wake of the incident involving George Floyd.

Authorities found a hat left behind in a Wawa parking lot with his fingerprint on it, believed to have been worn by a friend of his during the chaos. McBride asserts his innocence, stating that he was not involved in criminal activities but was arrested based on the discovery of his fingerprint.

Despite having no prior criminal record, McBride was denied bail on the grounds of being labeled a flight risk. He expressed his frustration at this decision, emphasizing that he has never attempted to flee from law enforcement.

Cush’Mir shared his harrowing story recently with The Gateway Pundit. He is determined to raise awareness about the plight of inmates and the need for reform and hopes that sharing his story will shed light on the prevalent issue of abuse within the prison system.

“I hope to spread awareness about abuse and mistreatment within these prisons and speak out for those who lack help and support and simply have no way to be heard. And I’m here to be a voice for us all today and hopefully can help save lives in the future, as I once was a victim of abuse within prison,” Cush’Mir told The Gateway Pundit.

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During his time at the Federal Detention Center (FDC), McBride claims he was targeted by correctional officers (COs) due to his support for former President Donald Trump and his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine. He was subsequently placed in the shoe, a form of solitary confinement, where he was targeted by the prison guards.

In 2021, the Federal Detention Center (FDC) guards in Philadelphia beat Cush’Mir after they caught him slipping food to January 6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel, who they were starving at the time.

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During one episode, FDC guards knocked out his tooth with repeated kicks to his face.  Cush’Mir’s legs were so badly beaten that his flesh was exposed.  His ribs were sore and he thought they were broken. The guards dragged Cush’Mir back to his cell and banged his body on the walls as they continued their abuse.  He was bleeding badly and denied medical attention.  He later caught Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) due to unsanitary conditions.  He thought he might lose his leg.  This was all because he would not take the COVID vaccine, and he secretly slipped food to Ryan Samsel, a man he knew from back on the streets of Philly.

Cush’Mir McBride beaten by guards – BLM Greater NY

Following his brutal beating by the prison guards, Cush’Mir’s family and community leaders held a protest outside the detention center.  They demanded that Cush’Mir receive medical help.  The prison reportedly shipped Cush’Mir to Lehigh County Jail allegedly to cover up their actions.

McBride’s mother spoke to reporters at the protest outside of the FDC in Philadelphia. She demanded that the officers involved be held accountable.


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The abuse suffered by McBride and his cellmate highlights the systemic issues present within the prison system.

McBride says, “The story I’m about to tell you is about a story that actually happened in jail between me and Ryan Samsel. And I’m just trying to show the world, tell the world about, you know, things that is going on. It’s, you know, it’s not cool what these correctional officers are doing to us inmates as if we’re not human.”

Following his brutal beating, McBride alleges that his pleas for medical assistance went unanswered, exacerbating his condition. He claims to have informed Lieutenant Elizabeth Shannon about the infected leg, but no action was taken. McBride told TGP, “My leg, or what it looked like it was bigger than the elephant’s leg, but I’m 140 pounds soaking wet, Jim, and it’s just crazy.”

The situation worsened, leading to the decay of his kneecap and a deep, festering wound. McBride states that the neglect continued despite multiple encounters with medical staff, including Nurse Barrera, who allegedly callously dismissed his concerns.

Desperate and in pain, McBride sought help from fellow inmates, including Ryan Samuel, who had also experienced horrible mistreatment, as previously reported on at The Gateway Pundit.

Cush’mir told TGP, “There was a lawyer present who witnessed this. There were other lieutenants who witnessed this. There were people’s family, relatives there who witnesses, there were other inmates. And I have all this proven.”

Together, they endured deplorable conditions, such as inadequate food and insufficient clothing. McBride’s infected leg left him bedridden, relying on his cellmate for assistance with basic tasks.

Eventually, McBride alerted Lieutenant LaToya Jones, who expressed shock at the severity of his condition but failed to provide the promised assistance. According to McBride, a correctional officer named Will informed others not to aid him, further compounding his distress.

In a moment of ingenuity, McBride devised a plan to attract attention to his situation. He decided to wave down security cameras while bleeding profusely, hoping the visual evidence would force the authorities to address his urgent medical needs. The ploy worked, and he was immediately taken to the nurse, but McBride contends that it was not out of concern for his well-being but rather to protect the institution’s image.

McBride acknowledges the support he has received from various celebrities and advocates who have rallied behind him. He mentions the formation of a forthcoming organization called Prison Reform, which aims to support inmates who have experienced abuse and mistreatment in correctional facilities. The organization seeks to raise awareness about these issues and provide a platform for inmates to share their stories.

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The lack of assistance in McBride’s case not only endangered his health but also highlighted a potential pattern of neglect within the facility. Their accounts raise questions about the treatment of inmates and the responsibility of correctional officers and medical staff to provide proper care.

McBride hopes that his story will not only bring attention to his own experiences but also serve as a catalyst for change. He aims to expose the abuse and mistreatment occurring within the FDC and other correctional institutions, urging the public and relevant authorities to take action against such injustices.

The Gateway Pundit is grateful to Cush’Mir McBride for sharing his story and is dedicated to ensuring that his voice is heard. The publication fully supports his mission to bring about awareness, reform, and justice for those who have been victims of abuse within the prison system.

Since Cush’Mir and Ryan Samsel bravely spoke out about the brutal beatings handed out by the prison guards at the Philadelphia Detention Center a young man was killed by the guards.

This is Cush’Mir McBride’s first interview with the media following his horrible ordeal. Keventa Lee Washington was beaten severely inside the FDC.  He was later rushed to the hospital and pronouced dead.

Ryan Samsel told us this about his friend Cush’Mir McBride, “My brother is not my enemy. My enemy put my brother in this dungeon. We suffer together much like my Jewish grandfather did in Poland years ago.”

The prisoners contacted Judge Jia Cobb who did not take any action.  She can be reached at the number posted here.

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Listen to Cush’Mir McBride’s interview with The Gateway Pundit:

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