Curious: Multinational Corporations Celebrate Pride Month in America, But No Rainbows to Be Found in Middle East Marketing

Image: @EndWokeness/Twitter


Social media users are calling out the corporate hypocrisy of the enthusiastic virtue signaling of pride month in the U.S. yet making no such grand statements in advertising campaigns in the Middle East.

Fox News reports:

Video game developer Bethesda, for its part, posted a tweet on June 2 acknowledging pride month while its Middle East account made no such reference nor had it updated its profile picture.


Pfizer, for example, displays the pride themed logo for its Twitter accounts in countries such as America, Mexico, and Canada, but is absent for countries like Saudi Arabia.

Comedian Leo Kearse also jumped in to call out the corporations, writing “Corporations: celebrating pride where it makes them money, not celebrating it where it doesn’t.”

According to Human Rights Watch, government officials in the Middle East target LGBTQ+ individuals.

Perhaps instead of rainbow logos, activists might want to address what is actually happening in the Middle East.


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