CNN Writes Glowing Article on Women Marrying Themselves as ‘Symbolic Expression of Self-Love’

In today’s edition of why no one takes disgraced CNN seriously, the outlet is celebrating women who are marrying themselves because no one else wants to.

After 2015’s Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges — in which the then-activist court legislated same-sex marriage was legal everywhere — the left told Americans that attacks on marriage would end there.

Love is love, they said.

These people declared that when two consenting adults committed to one another, they should be allowed to marry in the same manner as men and women have for centuries.

Civil unions that offered the same benefits marriage did were deemed draconian.

Marriage had to be redefined to something other than what virtually all big-name Democrats said it was prior to about a decade ago: One man and one woman.

Just look at three of them:

But these people have all since celebrated the legal change to the definition of what constitutes a marriage.

Fast-forward to Wednesday and CNN attempted to normalize another kind of union — one in which lonely bachelorettes are marrying themselves.

CNN chronicled a number of women who each practiced a practice called “sologamy” in a glowing article.

While the word might sound like an exotic cut of pork, it actually means “the practice or state of marriage to one’s self,” according to

People are apparently engaging in this bizarre and desperate act all over the West.

“CNN talked to four women who’ve married themselves. They describe the act as a symbolic expression of self-love and an affirmation of a deep, meaningful relationship with one’s self. They also say it has nothing to do with swearing off future partnerships with a spouse, which they say is a popular misconception,” the outlet reported.

CNN showed women whose ages ranged from their thirties to their seventies. Each of them symbolically married themselves and some had elaborate ceremonies with bridesmaids.

One 77-year-old divorcee named Dorothy Fideli was once married to a man and together they raised a family.

CNN reported Fideli’s two children were both present when she recently married herself at a nursing home.

“I felt beautiful, like I had won a lottery or something. I felt like a queen,” the woman told CNN after she married herself. “I felt important to myself … like I was somebody. It’s hard to explain the feeling — you have to feel it in your soul.”

CNN’s Faith Karimi, who spoke to each of these women, said they all understood why people might find sologamy a strange practice.

But the article didn’t mention people find such practices bizarre because that is exactly what they are.

If you’re lonely, looking for love and you wish to marry, it’s common knowledge that you make yourself a better person.

Good-natured and well-meaning people with something to offer tend to be magnets to other people who are looking for the ultimate commitment.

In today’s narcissistic world, self-reflection is no longer on the table for many people. If no one wants to marry you, apparently it is the world’s fault and you can simply marry yourself.

CNN’s attempt to normalize sologamy by offering these people a platform is another veiled shot at the meaning of marriage.

We’d all be let down if we expected anything more from the network than junk like this.

But reading these women’s stories and mulling over CNN’s decision to elevate them drew me to a new conclusion about the sinking ship of a network.

Someone in an office in either New York or Atlanta — whoever gave Karimi the green light to write about self-marriage — must hate animals.

If lonely left-wing women begin marrying themselves en masse, the country could face a surplus of unadopted cats like it’s never seen before.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.