Biden In Trouble: Huge Line of People Wait to Watch RFK Jr (Video)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been hitting the campaign trail hard in New Hampshire lately as he hopes to take the state from Biden.

On Tuesday night, Kennedy spoke at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire where he delivered a speech on peace and diplomacy.

Kennedy Democrats showed up to Saint Anselm College in full force and videos show that there were huge lines to get inside the college to hear Kennedy speak.


Here’s another angle:

Security measures such as metal detectors were placed outside the college to ensure Kennedy’s safety.

In his speech, RFK Jr. talked about the importance of the United States establishing diplomacy with Russia.

One of the highlights of his speech is when he challenged the Biden administration to meet with Putin.

Kennedy stated “FDR met with Stalin. JFK met with Khrushchev. Nixon met with Brezhnev. Reagan met with Gorbachev… Can’t Biden meet with Putin?”

Watch Kennedy’s full speech:


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