AMC Cancels Showings of Documentary Showcasing People Who Regret Sex Change Procedures After Transgender Activists Complain

AMC Theaters has caved to a transgender activist mob and canceled showings of a documentary that speaks to people who have detransitioned.

The film, NO WAY BACK: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care, was scheduled to be released on June 21 in theaters across the US. It features the stories of five people who have detransitioned.

Unfortunately, the film caught the attention of an activist organization called Queer Trans Project, which set off to have it deplatformed by claiming that it is “anti-trans” and “perpetuates harmful misinformation.”

The organization had provided a form letter for supporters to mass email to AMC, saying “it is disheartening to see a respected institution like AMC Theaters provide a platform for content that further stigmatizes and marginalizes the transgender community.”

The letter continued, “this film’s screening goes against the values of inclusivity and respect that should be upheld by a company committed to providing diverse and meaningful entertainment. I implore you to reconsider this decision immediately and demonstrate your commitment to supporting a more inclusive and accepting society. Please remove the film from your lineup and help ensure that AMC Theaters remains a safe and inclusive space for all moviegoers.”

“The ‘QT Project’s’ inference of detransitioning as ‘conversion therapy’ is a weak, underhanded attempt to conflate detransitioning with that despicable and sometimes devastating practice of the past,” said a statement from Deplorable Films, the distributor of “No Way Back,” according to a report from the Daily Wire. “It might be worth noting here that [there’s] an infamously repressive theocracy on the other side of the globe where ‘gender-affirming’ surgery is the only option given to gay men and women, who may otherwise be executed under law.”

Deplorable films added, “Perhaps they are on the payroll of those who profit from this – so much of what they are doing is resulting in the creation of life-long surgical and pharmaceutical patients are doing so to great benefit of certain surgical clinics and pharmaceutical companies.”

“It is quite evident that those undertaking this crusade against this film have not had the courtesy of seeing it before taking such extreme actions to silence it,” the distributor continued.

Those who wish to view the film can sign up to do so on its website.


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