“You Attack Trump, You attack 75 million Trump Supporters!” – Leo Terrell Torches Geraldo Rivera After Rivera Takes Cheap Shot Against President Trump and Defends E Jean Carroll Verdict (VIDEO)

Credit: Screenshot/Rumble/Daily Caller]

An explosive argument broke out on Fox News Tuesday between contributors Leo Terrell and Geraldo “Empty Vault” Rivera. The result was a first round knockout for Terrell, who is a major Trump supporter.

Terrell and Rivera were debating a Manhattan jury’s unjust verdict finding President Donald Trump liable of defamation and sexual battery in a civil case brought forth by E. Jean Carroll. Trump was ordered to pay $5 million.

In 2019, E. Jean Carroll alleged Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990’s. No actual evidence was ever presented to jury proving her claims, however.

Her entire lawsuit was funded by LinkedIn founder Reed Hoffmann, a billionaire Democrat donor.

As TGP’s Cristina Laila noted, Trump was found not guilty of the most serious charge: rape.

Terrell focused on this last part in his righteous defense of the former president.

This woman went around on left-wing media and said she was raped. With the lowest standard of evidence, preponderance of evidence, the jury said ‘no, that’s not true. We do not believe you.’ That’s a major, major concession and she lost on her biggest claim, the rape charge.

Trump supporters are looking at this case as another witch hunt. The totality of all the civil criminal cases against Donald Trump for one reason only, they don’t want this man to run for president.

Rivera responded by accusing Terrell of playing down the garbage verdict and taking a cheap shot against Trump. He claimed the jury’s verdict would have serious consequences for Trump. He also confused Disney World with Disneyland.

A woman in New York, or a New York jury, has found you liable for doing it. Can you imagine being that finger in your face?

Is it this — this pales in comparison to a, you know, politically charged Disneyland that the president can level at DeSantis. This is very, very serious.

To minimalize a charge of sexual battery in this day and age, I think that you’re, uh, uh, being naïve. In the same way the President wass being arrogant, you are being arrogant, Leo.


Terrell fired back with an epic tour de force.

You attack Trump, you attack 75 million Trump supporters. That’s why all these other candidates are walking a fine line.

Here’s the key point: Mar-a-Lago raid, historic. Two impeachments, historic. Criminal charges, historic. A civil case. And guess what? His numbers keep going up.

What does that tell you, Geraldo? What does that tell the other candidates?”

The numbers bear out Terrell’s claims. The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Trump jumping out to a six point lead over Joe Biden.

Terrell went on to hail the “magic” of Trump.

Trump is popular with the everyday people. Maybe not inside the Beltway, Martha, I’ll give you that, but the everyday people — no candidate on this planet can rally 40 or 50 thousand people on a weekend when he calls for a rally. That’s the magic of Donald Trump.

By the end of Terrell’s complete evisceration, Rivera was forced to acknowledge Trump’s magic but but weakly insisted without evidence that the verdict was going to be “a bridge too far” for the American voters.

One remaining question: why are national Republicans not defending Trump with the same fire as Terrell?


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