WATCH: TJ Maxx Customer Throws Alleged Shoplifter to the Ground After She Tries to Steal Bags of Merchandise – Company Previously Donated Millions to Radical Left Causes

Credit: ABC 7 News

Mira Loma, California – A brave customer was caught on camera knocking an alleged shoplifter to the ground after she tried to abscond with merchandise she did not pay for.

Footage captured by another customer showed the man confronting the accused shoplifter, which set off a fight between the two individuals by the store’s entrance.

According to ABC 7 News, the altercations happened Sunday around 1:30 p.m. at a T.J. Maxx store on Limonite Avenue.

The video starts with two women wearing black hoodies attempting to walk out of the store with armfuls of alleged stolen goods.


After one woman manages to exit the store, the Good Samaritan jumps in to prevent the other woman from absconding with two bags of merchandise.

A brief struggle ensues before the man overpowers the shoplifter and body-slams her to the ground. She then races off without the two bags.

No arrests have been made thus far.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed TJ Maxx previously donated $10 million to radical left organizations to combat “racial injustice” and “systemic racism.”

Liberals, of course, predictably screamed for the Good Samaritan’s arrest.


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