WATCH LIVE: AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Defends Restraining Order Against Leftist Stalker Journalist

AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers speaks to State Senator Anthony Kern before the hearing

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is defending her restraining order against leftwing hack reporter Cameryn Sanchez in the Flagstaff Justice Court.

Arizona State Senators Anthony Kern and Sonny Borrelli are present in the court room.

The leftwing media complex in Arizona is absolutely livid that Senator Rogers obtained a favorable ruling in her initial complaint, and Arizona Capitol Times is appealing the decision.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Sanchez reportedly harassed Rogers in the Arizona Senate, made multiple visits to Rogers and her neighbors’ homes, and harassed neighbors with questions about where the Senator lives. The Gateway Pundit reported that a Judge ruled if she attempts to contact the Senator again, she “may be arrested and prosecuted.”

Leftwing Arizona Reporter SLAPPED With Restraining Order After Harassing Senator Wendy Rogers Repeatedly, Showing Up at Her Home and Neighbors’ Homes – Next Incident May Result in Her Arrest

Senator Rogers’ neighbors reported the strange activity after being approached by reporters. Rogers also caught the reporters on her front door cameras.

As The Gateway Pundit reportedThe Arizona Capitol Times released a statement regarding the injunction against one of their reporters for stalking and harassing GOP Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers after the reporter showed up at her home and questioned her neighbors.

They indicated that they would challenge the injunction, calling it “baseless and an unconstitutional prior restraint,” despite the reporter’s creepy newsgathering practice.

Imagine if this were a Gateway Pundit reporter showing up at the homes of Democratic officials who have repeatedly run away from our questions in public spaces. The biased leftwing media would have a field day celebrating the court’s decision.

Rogers has a home in Maricopa County and a home in her district in Flagstaff, Arizona. Like most legislators who live far away from the Arizona Capitol, Rogers stays at her Phoenix-area home when the legislature is in session.

The Gateway Pundit has reviewed multiple documents which list Rogers’ Flagstaff home as a primary residence, including her driver’s license, pilot’s license, voter ID, Arizona fishing license, and an American Legion membership card. It is well known that Rogers owns multiple properties in the State and travels across the State representing her constituents in a district comprising four Arizona Counties.

This is further evidenced by a public 2020 campaign finance complaint against Rogers, which was dismissed after an investigation by the Secretary of State’s office found “no evidence” that Rogers failed to list her proper residential address as a candidate for State Senate.

The hearing today begins at 1:30 pm local time in the Senator’s city of residence, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Watch live below via RSBN:

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