WATCH: Kari Lake Completely Destroys Snobby British Gun Grabber Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amendment and Takes Down Fox News in Epic Style – Morgan then Later Partially Censors Interview (VIDEO)

Credit: Kari Lake Twitter

Kari Lake on Monday completely destroyed liberal gun grabber Piers Morgan on his show Piers Morgan Uncensored with a rousing defense of 2nd Amendment rights.

In the process, Lake also conducted arguably the most epic takedown of Fox News yet.

Morgan queried Lake over mass shootings in America and attempted to pressure her into supporting more gun restrictions.

Lake didn’t bite and rightfully defended law abiding Americans.

There are millions. Tens of millions of gun owners in America who wouldn’t dream of doing a mass shooting.

We have a Second Amendment. It’s a God-given right. It’s in our Constitution.


Undeterred, Morgan again tried to trip Lake up.

Would the Founding Fathers have been comfortable watching this absolutely never-ending series of mass-shootings? Would they have thought that is what they meant by the Second Amendment?

Lake proceeded to flip the tables on him.

The Second Amendment was put in place – we pushed back the tyrants once and did not give up. We clung to our guns

When Morgan asked where the tyranny came from, Lake set him ablaze.

The tyranny was from the monarchy!

We don’t want to have to throw back the tyrants again, but they put that (Second Amendment) in place to prevent us from having to do that, to protect us.

Seeming oblivious to the epic beatdown Lake was handing him, Morgan made another mistake: he cited Fox News polling as a reason to push gun bans.

Eighty percent agree that anyone who buys a gun should go through a mental health assessment. Eighty percent want police to take guns from people considered a danger to themselves.
Seventy-seven percent want a 30-day waiting off period for all gun purchases.

Lake responded with fire: “that doesn’t surprise me because Fox News is a globalist network pushing a globalist agenda.”

“Fox News is a globalist network run by globalists who want to bring down our Constitution and take away our Second Amendment.”

There was one last surprise in store: Lake exposed on Twitter that Morgan censored her based comments about Big Pharma.


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