WATCH: Ex-Sheriff Turned Congressman Clay Higgins Saves the Day After Radical Left Protester Ambushes Lauren Boebert with a Nasty Question and Steps Toward Her – Protester Whines Like a Baby Afterwards (VIDEO)

Credit: Citizen Free Press/Twitter

A pajama boy leftist attempted to bully Lauren Boebert (R-CO) during a Wednesday press conference on Capitol Hill and it ended poorly for him.

That is because Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA), a former Sheriff turned congressman, stepped up to defend Boebert’s honor and put the man-child in his place.

A group of Republican members of Congress including Higgins, Boebert, and Gosar were holding the press conference to voice their opposition to the Biden regime negotiating a “legally-binding” deal with the Chinese-run World Health Organization to grant them Chinese-backed World Health Organization full authority over U.S. pandemic policies without Senate approval.

The Gateway Pundit has extensively reported on these negotiations over the past year.

As they were speaking, Jake Burdett, the pajama boy in question, decided to ambush the press conference and rudely heckle them with a series of irrelevant questions. Burdett is a radical leftist who is a huge supporter of Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

When one views Burdett’s Twitter profile, here is what it reads:

Progressive activist, Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist. Affordable Housing Advocate. YIMBY Hater. U. Balt. Law Student. He/Him.”

.After interrupting Gosar, Higgins pulled the Burdett aside and told him: “I’m a congressman. I’ll make you a deal. Listen, let this man talk, and then I’ll come talk to you privately.”

“All I’m asking you to do is just peacefully stand by with your camera, and I promise you — look at me — I’ll come talk to you straight up and answer all your questions.”

Burdett did not listen, however. When Boebert’s turn to speak arrived, the spoiled brat stepped toward her and shouted a nasty question related to Boebert’s recent divorce filing.

Did it (the divorce) have anything to do with giving food poisoning to Shooters Bar and Grill (Boebert’s former restaurant)?

After hearing this cruel cheap shot, Higgins stepped in to protect Boebert.

“You’re out, you’re out,” he said while pulling Burdett away.


In the video, Burdett can be heard whining about being manhandled and telling Higgins to get off of him. Another leftist can be heard screaming “assault” at the top of her lungs.

Naturally, Burdett refused to accept responsibility and went on Twitter to whine like a baby. He also said he was detained by “DC Police,” likely referring to the Capitol Hill cops.

According to The Hill, Burdett was visiting Capitol Hill with the Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition to push for the moribund Medicare for All Act.

Kristy Fogle, the founder of the group, claimed that Burdett said he wanted to ask Boebert a “tough question.”

Boebert thanked Higgins for defending her “as a radical socialist attempted to disrupt me during a press conference.”

Higgins explained on Twitter that Burdett was “a 103M” — police code for “disturbance by a mental person.” He also confirmed Burdett was turned over to the Capitol Hill Police.

“One agitator activist protestor became very disruptive and threatening in violation of the law,” the text in the accompanying video said. “Congressman Higgins successfully de-escalated the situation.”

The Capitol Police issued this response following the incident:

We are aware of this situation, interviewing the people who were involved, and reviewing the available video.


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