“This Was a Cover-Up” – Abe Hamadeh Discusses Upcoming Trial With Kimberly Guilfoyle – ORAL ARGUMENT TODAY (VIDEO)

Abe Hamadeh, the rightful Attorney General of Arizona, joined The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show yesterday to give an update before his new trial against the stolen 2022 Midterm Election.

Hamadeh will appear in court today at 1:30 pm local time for Oral Argument, and the schedule for the trial will likely be discussed.

The Gateway Pundit reported last month that The Mohave County Superior Court ordered Oral Arguments on May 16 in response to Abe Hamadeh’s Motion for New Trial in his lawsuit contesting the Arizona Attorney General’s race which was decided by just 280 votes. It does not appear from the Court’s order that the Motions for Attorneys’ Fees or Sanctions will be considered on today, but the corrupt Defendants will likely try to bring these issues forward.

Abe’s race against radical leftist Kris Mayes was initially called by just 511 out of over 2.5 million votes. However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, a miscount of votes in Pinal County discovered hundreds of new votes for Hamadeh.

Defendants hid this information from the judge in Abe’s first trial. The Elections Director in Pinal County also fled the state after collecting a $25,000 bonus, despite the significant errors and her failure to disclose the issues. Was this hush money?

In Maricopa County alone, where over 50% of tabulators and printers failed the moment that polls opened, causing voters to be turned away from the polls and creating long wait times of four hours or more, over 4,849 provisional ballots were recorded.

Many voters’ registrations were canceled due to Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs’ screw-ups, causing massive disenfranchisement and rejected provisional ballots across the County and state.

Abe Hamadeh filed a ‘Motion for New Trial’ in the Mohave County Superior Court after the statutory recount of votes in Pinal County discovered hundreds of votes were miscounted, bringing the margin of victory to 280 votes out of more than 2,592,313 ballots cast statewide.

Abe remains extremely confident that he will win. “I think we would win by two or 3000 votes, and it would be historic,” said Abe.

Additionally, as the Gateway Pundit reported, voting machine failures and tabulation issues led to massive and unprecedented voter suppression at the polls.

Voting machines and printers suddenly stopped working at nearly 60% of voting centers the moment the polls opened on election day. Republican voters were forced to wait in extremely long lines, turned away from the polls, or told to deposit their ballots in the questionable “box 3” for misread ballots.

Because of this, at least 517 voters – Nearly DOUBLE the margin of victory In Abe Hamadeh’s Attorney General race – left the long lines in Maricopa County after the polls closed on election day.

Kari Lake is also going to trial tomorrow morning. The Gateway Pundit reported that Judge Peter Thompson reaffirmed a previous minute entry, setting a three-day trial in Kari Lake’s remanded fraudulent signature verification claims from her lawsuit against the 2022 election. However, Thompson dismissed Count II regarding intentional election day tabulator failures, despite newly discovered evidence that Maricopa County rigged the election and secretly tested voting machines to fail Republican voters.

Still, the signature verification fraud presented in Kari Lake’s lawsuit could help overturn other stolen elections, including Abe’s, in Maricopa County.

The Gateway Pundit reported this morning on a new video that reveals the truth about Maricopa County’s fraudulent signature verification by showing a signature verification worker approving mail-in ballot signatures in less than two seconds each. Kari Lake’s attorneys plan to reveal more at trial. See examples of the fraudulent signatures accepted by Maricopa County here.

SMOKING GUN: “This Election Was RIGGED” – Kari Lake Attorneys Say “Clear Misconduct and Intent” Caused 260 of 446 Tabulators to Fail on Election Day – FILING INCLUDED

Watch Abe discuss his race below:

Guilfoyle: This looks like one of the strongest cases that we have seen in the country regarding clear violations of election protocol. Tell us about what went on in Arizona and what your team will be arguing in court tomorrow.

Hamadeh: The cover-up is always worse than the crime, Kimberly, and that’s what we’re witnessing right now. I mean, back in November and December, after the election, what we witnessed was so horrific to see what the government did. They rushed through this election contest trial, they withheld evidence from my team. But you’re right, we’re down 280 votes out of 2.5 million. This is the closest race in Arizona history. But before that 280 vote differential, it was actually 511 votes before the recount. And you’re right, it’s what happened in Pinal County. They discovered uncounted ballots. The elections director who ran the elections actually ran off with a $25,000 bonus and left the state to Texas, made them certify that election. So, you know, that was just one aspect, and then you look at Maricopa County’s Election Day failures of the printer malfunctions. All of this is coupled into one big disaster. I see this, everybody keeps asking me, “how are you holding up, Abe?” I feel as if this is the biggest honor of my life, fighting this fight because if not me, then who? And if not now, then when? This is the prime opportunity to take a microscopic approach to elections, and the government is really scared because what we’re discovering is mismanagement and maladministration across many different counties. But, the crux of our lawsuit, which is a lot different than others, is we actually have the votes, and they just need to be opened and counted. And that’s what’s a little bit different with our case. So, you know, we feel very optimistic heading into court tomorrow. It’s long-awaited. You know, we’re back in the first step. We’re just asking for a new trial. We haven’t gone to the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeals or anything like that. We’re back to square one, because the new trial, you know, this withheld evidence would have changed the outcome, and our legal team is very confident about that.

Guilfoyle: This could change not only your election for AG, but the governor’s race for Kari Lake. It impacts the presidential election with President Trump. But shed some more light for me on these provisional ballots. What do we know about them?

Hamadeh: Absolutely. And why I am so confident we will prevail, Kimberley, is because 2022 is unlike any race in history, and I say that cautiously. There’s been close elections throughout elections contests, but what was so unusual in November was that it was so overwhelmingly Republicans that came out to vote. So on election day, I was winning the election day vote by 70% across the state. And as you can imagine, there’s 9000 uncounted provisional ballots, and let’s just say 1000 of them should be counted, which we believe that there are a lot of those ballots that should be counted. I mean, that swings the election completely. But, what we noticed, Kimberly, is really fascinating. We’re using Mark Elias’ playbook; Mark Elias, the Democrat super attorney. He’s actually going to be in federal court tomorrow, the same time we’re going to be up in superior court in Mojave County, and he’s basically arguing the same thing. So, it’s kind of putting them in an awkward position because we’ve kind of stolen the Democrat playbook, which is that there was thousands of disenfranchised voters who had their registrations erroneously canceled, and they are overwhelmingly Republican, and once these votes are counted, we will prevail. But we feel really confident going into it. With 9000 uncounted ballots, imagine if the court decided to count every single one of them because of how badly administered the election was. I think we would win by two or 3000 votes, and it would be historic so we feel very optimistic, and Arizona’s Constitution, just so your viewers know, is we’ve actually removed a statewide office holder before. we removed the Governor.

Guilfoyle: And talk about Governor Katie Hobbs, whose behavior really has been reprehensible during all of this. She even threatened to arrest election officials. What’s your reaction?

Hamadeh: Well, it shows that she should have never ran that election, and she has skin in the game because apparently that Pinal County report where they were noticing that there was widespread issues with their results, they actually notified the Secretary of State’s office on December 7, which was two weeks prior to our election lawsuit back in December. And she had withheld this information from us and from the court. And Kimberly, you’re a former prosecutor. If I did this as a prosecutor, this is exculpatory evidence. I mean, how could they not disclose this? And that’s what shows you that this was a cover-up, and I think the judge is going to be offended by what they did. Can you imagine that you have this information that possibly there’s widespread issues going on in a county with the vote totals, and you’re not gonna report it to the judge or the opposing counsel? And she was threatening to lock up election officials in Cochise County, Mojave County. It’s no wonder why these people in Pinal County were fearful to report this.

Via Kimberly Guilfoyle on Rumble:

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates and report live on Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh’s election lawsuits.

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