Unhinged Climate Activist Disrupts Swedish TV Show, KO’d by Cameraman

Image: @hant.se/TikTok


Another day, another meltdown by an environmental wacko.  Whether they are vandalizing the Trevi Foundation or damaging a Degas sculpture, damaging a German artwork,  or throwing tomato soup at a Van Gogh, unhinged climate activists can’t help throwing public tantrums like whiney toddlers.

On Friday, during the finale of Sweden’s Let’s Dance television show, eco-activists from Restore Wetlands stormed the stage to unfurl a banner and vandalize the set with paint.

Image: @hant.se/TikTok


But a quick thinking cameraman dropped an overhead camera onto one of the protestor’s head sending the petulant man-child flying to the ground.

Image: @hant.se/TikTok


Image: @hant.se/TikTok


The protesters were removed and questioned by police.

The Daily Mail reports:

Roxy Farhat, spokesperson for Restore Wetlands, confirms that they are behind the campaign. The aim is to draw attention to what they say is a climate disaster.

‘We are heading for a climate collapse and our politicians are only making the crisis worse by not acting. We are the last generation that has a chance to stop this death project,’ she said.

‘We have been demonstrating for 30 years, but the politicians don’t care,’ she added, explaining why the group had shifted to more unorthodox forms of protest.


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