Trump During CNN Town Hall: When You Look at What Happened During the 2020 Election, Unless You’re a Very Stupid Person You See… It Was a Rigged Election (VIDEO)

President Trump Wednesday evening appeared on CNN for a live town hall event.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins moderated the town hall.

Trump was asked why Americans should put him back in the White House.

“You still have not publicly acknowledged the 2020 election results…” Collins said.

“When you look at what happened during that election, unless you’re a very stupid person you see what happened… It was a rigged election,” Trump said.

Trump also said we need to have voter ID, paper ballots and Election Day, not election month.

“We should have voter ID, we should have one-day votes, we should paper ballots instead of these mail-in votes,” Trump said.


Of course Kaitlan Collins keeps interrupting Trump.

“The election was not rigged Mr. President. You can’t keep saying that all night long,” Collins said.


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