Top WHO Scientist Who Dismissed Covid Lab Leak Theory Fired for Sexual Harassment

A top World Health Organization scientist who previously claimed it was highly unlikely COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, has been fired for sexual harassment

WHO officials have confirmed senior scientist Peter Ben Emabrek was fired last year after an internal investigation revealed several sexual misconduct findings against Embarek.

Marcia Poole who serves as a spokesperson for WHO told Reuters “Peter Ben Embarek was dismissed last year following findings of sexual misconduct against him that were substantiated by investigations, and corresponding disciplinary process.”

Per The Telegraph:

A senior World Health Organisation scientist, who concluded it was “extremely unlikely” Covid-19 leaked from a Chinese laboratory, has been dismissed for sexual misconduct. The UN agency said Peter Ben Embarek, a Danish scientist, was removed from his post last year.

Dr. Embarek said he contested the accusation of harassment and was challenging his dismissal. He previously led WHO’s “One Health” initiative on diseases jumping from animals to humans.

Peter Ben Embarek was previously hailed as an expert investigator in the origins of COVID-19 by many mainstream media outlets.

Forbes previously wrote an article titled “Wuhan Lab Theory ‘Extremely Unlikely’ Covid-19 Source, WHO Concludes—Correcting A Trump White House Claim.

In the article Forbes praised Embarek’s claims that it’s “extremally unlikely” COVID-19 originated from a lab and bashed Trump’s belief that COVID-19 originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.



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