Tommy Robinson Documentary “Silenced” Premieres in Naples, Florida , Available on Mice Media May 25th

On Saturday night in Naples, Florida, O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) held a premiere screening of the breakthrough film Silenced. The film exposes the unholy alliance between the corporate media, the government and the judiciary and the lengths they will go to to silence anyone that dares to dispute the narrative.

The film will be released to the public via Mice Media on May 25th.

The film centers around an incident in 2018 at Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where Syrian “refugee” Jamal Hijazi, 17, was originally portrayed as a victim of “racist attacks” by the UK press. Tommy documented how Jamal Hijazi was not the victim, but the bully in the case.

The film shares documents and first person interviews unearthing what really happened that day and the disturbing lengths the British press went to spin the story to decide villain and victim, truth be damned.

Robinson’s investigative journalism uncovers the truth of the case, and the tragic destruction of a young British man’s life at the hands of the UK press trying to spin a racial incident to score virtual signaling posts.

Tommy made the film SILENC£D about the massive conflict he had with the British press and legal system over the case when he exposed the corruption between to local government and the media, which they tried to use to destroy Tommy.

For the sin of exposing what the press and government wanted to keep uncovered, Tommy’s wife and children have been threatened with barbaric retribution including violent rape and death.

Tommy’s pensioner parents had their home attacked.

It is tempting to dismiss this as a European problem.  But the J6 political prisoners and their families are painfully aware of what can happen when a government, judiciary and a willing (and enthusiastic) press can do to terrorize and destroy lives.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Robinson in the summer of 2022 to discuss the global efforts to silence free speech.


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