THE NUMBERS ARE IN: Bud Light Hit with Devastating News on April Sales – Trump-Friendly Beer Company Sees Massive Surge

The Bud Light boycott is having epic results. Not only are sales cratering, but a Trump-friendly beer company is benefitting at their expense.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported the crisis for Bud Light has become so severe that Costco is practically giving the product away.

Instead of apologizing for insulting their customers, executives such Anheuser-Busch CEO Michel Doukeris think throwing money at the problem will cause former patrons to eventually forget and come back.

Beer Business Daily on Monday shared the overall domestic beer sales numbers. The news was not pretty for Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light’s parent company.

The April scan numbers are hot off the press from NIQ. All numbers for the four weeks ending April 29. As a benchmark, total beer volumes were down 3.2%, with dollars up 1.8%.

Overall, Anheuser-Busch was down 12.5 percent just four weeks after Bud Light decided to shoved Mulvaney in America’s face. Bud Light’s sales alone plummeted a whopping 21.4% while Budweiser fell 11.5%.

Other results included Coors Light sales surging by 10.9% and Miller Lite up 12.8%.

But arguably the most notable positive news was from Yuengling, America’s largest and oldest brewer. The company saw its sales surge by a massive 14.7%.

This one tweet explains the reason for divergence in sales between Bud Light and Yuengling. Look at the pro-American patriotism.

Moreover, Yuengling can be considered Trump friendly. Yuengling was actually boycotted by far-left LGBTQ groups in 2016 after its CEO endorsed then-candidate Donald Trump’s run for president.

CEO Richard Yuengling Jr. announced his support for Trump during a conversation with Eric Trump.

Our guys are behind your father. We need him in the White House.

Anheuser-Busch would be wise to learn from Yuengling and call an audible immediately. If not, perhaps they will simply shut up regarding politics and try to sell whatever remaining beer they have left.


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