The Evolution of the U.S. Navy — From Camp to Full Blown Crazy

My initial reaction when I heard that news that the U.S. Navy thought it a swell idea to name a homosexual drag queen as their new recruitment Ambassador was to check the calendar to ensure it was not April 1 (i.e., April Fool’s Day). Nope. The people in charge of the U.S. Navy’s recruitment effort have lost their damned minds.

Joshua Kelly aka Harpy Daniels is being put forward by the Navy as a lure to entice more homosexuals and drag queens to sign up. The Navy has a long reputation of inappropriate sexual activity among crew members on long voyages. One of the jokes I heard while sitting in a SCIF (i.e., a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) goes as follows:

Why do sailors have tattoos on their backs?

So that the Marines will have something to read.

There was a time when Hollywood (and the Navy for that matter) used the idea of a dude dressing up as a lady as comic relief. Remember this song from South Pacific (I could not get the original with Mitzi Gaynor to post):

Forty four years ago (seems like an eternity now), Monty Python did a brilliant sketch in its equally brilliant film, Life of Brian. When I first saw this I thought it was hilarious. It is still hilarious, but I have now lived long enough to see the crazies in society embrace as “true” the notion that a man can have a baby.

If Monty Python tried to make that movie today they would be cancelled. Welcome to the world of Orwell.

The Chinese and Russians must be wondering if this is a bizarre psychological operation designed to lull them into complacency while the real U.S. Navy actually is recruiting dudes loaded with testosterone and muscles who insist on using the pronoun he or him.

Leave it to the Aussies to skewer the U.S. Navy for over consuming Bud Light:

If there was ever any doubt that the United States is careening towards a disaster, Harpy Daniels is undeniable proof that the United States is not ready to fight Somali pirates much less the Chinese.

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