“That Was President Donald J. Trump Ripping Us a New A**hole” – President Trump Truths EPIC Meme Following Anderson Cooper’s Meltdown Over CNN Town Hall

Former President Donald Trump, left, addresses CNN's Kaitlan Collins, right, during the Wednesday town hall.
President Donald Trump, left, addresses CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, right, during the Wednesday town hall. (MSNBC / YouTube screenshot)

President Trump trolled CNN’s Anderson Cooper in epic fashion early yesterday morning with an edited clip telling the American people what they actually saw at Wednesday night’s CNN town hall.

The President absolutely destroyed CNN host Kaitlan Collins on every issue he was questioned on, despite her constant cut-offs and interruptions.

Collins just wouldn’t stop lying in an attempt to “debunk” or misrepresent President Trump’s statements.

Still, President Trump was backed by a fired-up crowd, cheering for Trump and laughing at Kaitlan Collins. It was an embarrassment for the entire network.

The Gateway Pundit reported on liberal hack Anderson Cooper’s meltdown response to the town hall on Wednesday, telling his viewers, “You have every right to be outraged today and angry and never watch this network again.”

Anderson Cooper Whimpers Over CNN Hosting Trump Town Hall – Tells His Viewers He Understands if They Never Watch CNN Again (VIDEO)

President Trump put CNN to shame. “That was President Donald J. Trump ripping us a new a**hole here on CNN’s live presidential town hall,” admits Anderson Cooper in the edited clip below.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the network drew more than 3 million people for the event. “I believe it was a very smart thing that they did, with Sky High Ratings that they haven’t seen in a very long time,” President Trump later said in a Truth Social post.

CNN is now even admitting that Trump is leading the Republican Primary field in defense of the disaster for them on Wednesday night.

The Hill reports,

In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday night’s town hall, members of Trump’s inner circle expressed glee to a number of media outlets at the 2024 White House hopeful’s performance, which on several occasions sparked cheers and laughter from the crowd of largely supportive prospective GOP voters.

CNN is facing widespread criticism from Democrats and media pundits who say it made a mistake in giving a forum to Trump, who used the event to promote false claims about the 2020 election, mock the woman a jury recently found he sexually abused in the late 1990s, and voice support for defendants charged with crimes in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

CNN’s leadership has defended the decision by pointing to Trump’s status as the front-runner in the Republican primary and arguing the network has an obligation to confront him over his false statements.

Watch below:

Cooper: That was President Donald J. Trump ripping us a new a**hole here on CNN’s live presidential town hall. Thank you for watching, have a good night.

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