“That Sanctimonious Son of a B***h is Welcome to Come Down to Texas!” – Rep. Chip Roy Goes SCORCHED EARTH on Biden Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas After Mayorkas Tells Lie About Immigration and Defends Border Invasion (VIDEO)

Credit: Chip Roy Twitter/Newsmax

The United States is drowning under a massive flood of illegal immigration since the Biden regime allowed Title 42 to expire. Regime officials led by disgraced Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have only lied and made excuses for the invasion while letting Americans suffer.

Fox LA’s Bill Melugin has also revealed the Regime is “mass releasing” illegals into the United States and that they are being given court dates years out from today.

Moreover, globalist NGOs are organizing the illegal migrants’ travels across the US-Mexico border.

When a federal judge tried hold the Regime accountable and struck down their illegal scheme paroling invaders without giving them court dates, Mayorkas whined that the ruling was “very harmful.”

Rep. Chip Roy, for one, is sick of the Biden regime officials’ lies and inaction, especially Mayorkas.

Roy on Friday joined Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax to discuss the lawlessness at the border.

He began by calling the situation “absolute devastation” and correctly blamed the Regime for opening the border up to the world.

When Schmitt asked how bad the invasion could get, Roy replied that the number is “uncapped.” He then pointed out the Biden regime is working with NGO’s and the Mexican government to usher illegal aliens across the border.

He also blamed the Regime for the increase in human smuggling and said that border patrol agents have told him the border crisis is a “broken arrow” circumstance.

Schmitt next played a video of Mayorkas telling a big lie about illegal immigration and defending the border invasion. Mayorkas fallaciously claimed that “businesses around the country” need illegal migrant labor and the invaders “need” jobs to send remittances back to their home country.

Roy unloaded on Mayorkas, calling him a “liar” and a “sanctimonious son of a b***h.”

WATCH (Roy’s explosive remarks are from 2:32-3:03):

He’s a liar, that sanctimonious son of a b***h is welcome to come down to Texas and talk to all the mothers who lost their children to fentanyl!…Talk to those parents who lost their kids, the 72,000 Americans who have died from fentanyl poisoning.

And that guy comes up and has the audacity to do this when he lied about border patrol agents and just casually dismissed that lie?

That guy doesn’t know what he’s walking in to.


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