Texas AG Ken Pax­ton to Investigate Dell Children’s Med­ical Cen­ter for Potentially Illegal Gen­der Tran­si­tion­ing Procedures

On Friday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that the state would be looking into whether or not the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin had “unlawfully performed on minor children” gender transitioning treatment procedures.

“I am launching an investigation into Dell Children’s Medical Center regarding gender transitioning of minors. Gender transitioning minors is child abuse, and child abuse will not be tolerated,” Paxton tweeted.

“It is now alarmingly common for fringe activists to use their positions in medicine and health care to force experimental, life-altering procedures onto children,” said Attorney General Paxton in a news release.

“Across the country, there are doctors and health care professionals who appear willing to sacrifice the long-term health of American children, all in service to the increasingly dangerous fad of ‘transgender’ extremism. It is deeply disturbing, and there is no place for it in Texas. Along these lines, there have been a number of recent reports about potentially illegal activity at Dell Children’s Medical Center, and this investigation aims to uncover the truth.”

Dell Children’s Medical Center has been served with a Request to Examine (“RTE”) by Attorney General Paxton, who is seeking information regarding the reported misconduct. The goal of the RTE is to find out if any state laws were broken or if parents and patients were misinformed.

The decision to investigate comes after Project Veritas expose.

Project Veritas published an undercover video showing doctors in Texas and New York giving out puberty blockers to kids as young as eight.

“Veritas released a series focused on the practices of gender transition clinics in the US…Medical professionals appear to say that they are giving kids as young as 8-years-old life-altering puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones for children as young as 14-years-old,” the Veritas tweeted.


Dell Children’s denied allegations and responded to Paxton’s investigation saying “they don’t engage in these abusive practices.”

“Our organization prohibits surgery and prescribing hormone therapy, including puberty blockers, for the treatment of gender dysphoria in children and adolescents. If any employee or contracted provider acts in a manner that is inconsistent with our organizational position regarding gender dysphoria care of minors, we take appropriate action,” Dell Children said in a statement.

“Please note, while we do not permit these interventions for pediatric and adolescent patients experiencing gender dysphoria, as a matter of practice, we do provide a safe and welcoming place for children to receive other forms of treatment and care, including treatment of illness and injuries, behavioral health services, annual check ups and physicals,” it added.

Paxton responded, “Dell Children’s responded to my investigation and said they don’t engage in these abusive practices. Their cooperation is welcomed. I look forward to reviewing all requested documents. This is a win for Texas kids, but I won’t back down. As Reagan said, “Trust, but Verify.””

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