Target Under Fire for Selling Clothing Made By Creepy Satanic Transgender Designer That Promotes Drugs and Violence

Target was already facing calls for a boycott over “tuck-friendly” bathing suits and chest binders for “transgender” children, and now it has been revealed that they are selling clothing items from a creepy satanic transgender designer that promotes drugs and violence.

The brand in question, Abprallen, was created by a biological woman who identifies as a man and uses the name “Erik Callen.”

Conservatives Boycott Target Over Sales of Chest Binders and ‘Tuck-Friendly’ Bathing Suits for ‘Transgender’ Children

Target is selling Abprallen “We Belong Everywhere” messenger bags, “Too Queer For Here” messenger bags, and “Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People” sweatshirts.

“All items were designed for all bodies, regardless of gender identity and presentation,” Target said in the description for the items. “We added design features to help make the fit customizable for you. Our hope is for all guests to find clothing that makes them feel comfortable and affirmed in their identity. We understand that fit is incredibly important and will continue to evolve and improve on fit needs for the LGBTQIA+ Community.”

Target credits the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network for helping place these items on their shelves.

“GLSEN leads the movement in creating affirming, accessible and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students,” Target’s descriptions on the Abprallen items reads. “We are proud of 10+ years of collaboration with GLSEN and continue to support their mission.”

Callen wrote of the partnership, “Available in Target stores and on their website. When they approached me to design a range for Pride I realised that I had an opportunity to create something huge, I was given a chance to make work that would be seen by countless people and I wanted to ensure that any young people who saw Abprallen in Target would know that who they are is beautiful, purposeful, and worth expressing.”

The artist made it clear that her designs are aimed at youth.

“I imagined what it would be like for a younger version of myself to see something more specific, more tailor made than a lacklustre rainbow flag. I wanted to create a range that would embrace younger me and tell him that who he is is more than OK, that being trans is special and wonderful and that the closet is not made for him to thrive in.”


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Callen also boasted about upsetting people with the designs.

“These have already got the transphobes infuriated with me and I feel like quite the celebrity to think that they believe this is all some big conspiracy and I have any power to brainwash anyone when I’m just some guy drawing pictures!” Callen wrote.

The artist was correct.

As if the items stocked by Target weren’t odd enough, looking at the Abprallen Instagram page shocked and disgusted many conservatives who had begun looking into the company’s partnership with the retail giant.

Abprallen sells a pin with a weapon that says, “We Bash Back.” A guillotine design says “Homophobic headrest.”

In the description for an item that says “Burn down the cis-tem” over a lit lighter, Callen wrote, “We don’t need to restructure it, we need to burn it down and start up again in a system that doesn’t police gender or expression – a world that allows exploration, changing our minds, dressing how we want to, taking up the space we need, being treated as we deserve. We need to burn down the cis-tem and create a world where trans people don’t get to just live, but get to absolutely thrive.”

The Blaze notes that other designs include “Join My Gay Cult,” “Transitioning Saves lives,” “Heteronormativity is a Plague,” “Binding Doesn’t Make You Less of a Man,” and “Trans Witches for Abortion.”

One shirt reads “Satan respects pronouns.”

Most items are modeled by Callen who does not appear to own any pants.

Other designs promote the use of Poppers, a drug often used during gay sex.

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