Russell Brand: RFK Jr. Is Surging in Polls – Biden Is Running Scared – Rumble Video

Russell Brand continues to impress.

The English comedian, actor, and beekeeper, released a new Rumble video on Wednesday on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s continued climb in the polls.

This is an amazing video.

Russell Brand:  New alliances, new ideas will be necessary if you’re serious about change. But guess who’s not serious about change? The establishment. The establishment is about keeping things established, stagnant the same. The balanced press response to RFK’s candidacy has been well, it has been balanced because they’re all saying exactly the same thing…

…Thanks, mainstream media. Let’s hear a little more about crazy RFK and the crazy things he believes in, the crazy old lunatic. Last week, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Launched his campaign for President 2024. His main campaign theme is to end the corrupt alliance of big business and government.  Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Oh, hello. I don’t see any evidence that the government and big business are colluding. (joking) That’s why we have a fair democracy where all of the things that you need in your life are simply voted for. And then, hey. He blames this alliance for the rigging of the system that has destroyed the middle class over the last 40 years. He points to the nefarious collusion between big government and big corporations and the transfer of enormous wealth and power over the last 40 years to an American oligarchy, an elite that does not take the needs of the majority into account… I think we all know that big business and the government and the mainstream media are trying their hardest. And the real problem, you know it is, is bloody anti-vaxxers. All these problems transfer of enormous wealth and power, I think can be traced to people not wanting to immediately take new medicines. Kennedy has been marginalized by the mainstream media for 18 years due to his skepticism of vaccines and for questioning the collusion between pharmaceutical companies and the CDC and FDA. Oh, just because they give them their funding or receive royalties from them.

His views on the Ukraine war. We are driving Russia and China into an alliance. Next you’ll be telling me that the American government themselves don’t even believe this war is winnable, and sucking money from our urgent domestic needs…

Joe Biden is in real trouble.

Russell Brand: The National Review last week published an article suggesting that such a double digit performance from Kennedy could prove costly for Biden.

No incumbent president in the past 50 years has ceded that much of the vote to a primary challenger and won reelection. It’s noted. Watch them shut this guy down. This is already someone who will not appear on the mainstream media unless it’s to be slammed, attacked and smeared. They are working hard, they are working round the clock to ensure that voices that are genuinely in support of the issues you care about are shut down…

…The people that say they care about equality, the people that say they care about healing america’s past care about genocide, that care about slavery, that apparently are supposed to care about ordinary working Americans and ensuring that a discourse is created that doesn’t needlessly generate shame and division. So if they really care about those issues, why is it that in the next few weeks all you’re going to hear them talk about is antivax, antivax, antivax crackpot? Because they don’t really care about that stuff. They put that stuff up front. Meanwhile, business deals, corporate donors, lobbying, they’re not going to do anything about that because they are part of the same establishment.

Watch the entire video here.

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