Royal Snub at King Charles III’s Coronation

Estranged Prince Harry attended his father’s, King Charles III, coronation Saturday morning. But his view of the events was obscured by a large red feather atop Princess Annes’s hat just a row in front of him.

The feather strategically blocked, not only Harry’s view, but also his image on camera during key moments in the ceremony.

Prince Harry Upper Right Corner Camera View


Prince Harry Blocked From View Close Up


Page Six reports:

He’s seeing red.Prince Harry’s view of his father King Charles III’s coronation was massively obstructed by a big red feather atop Princess Anne’s hat on Saturday.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, can be seen in visuals from the grand royal event strategically trying to move his head around the giant plume in order to see the ceremony better.

His wife Meghan Markle — who did not attend the coronation — was coincidentally also blocked at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral by a large candle last September.

Harry was not the only family member to face an uncomfortable snub.  According to INews, Prince Andrew’s arrival, “was met by boos from the crowd as he was driven along The Mall in a state car to the coronation service at Westminster Abbey. Spectators gathered at the grandstand in front of Buckingham Palace booed as the Duke of York’s car went past on its way to the abbey.”

Prince Andrew



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