Rep. Dan Bishop: Bank of America Turned Over Customers’ Financial and Transaction Records to FBI in DC Area Regardless of Jan 6 Involvement (VIDEO)

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC)

In 2021, The Gateway Pundit reported that Bank of America searched through customers’ data and transaction records and provided these data to the FBI following the Capitol riot.

The country’s second-largest bank gave data and information to the feds at the request of the US government, without the knowledge or consent of the customers.

Bank of America scanned through customer records to flag the following:

  • Were they in DC between January 5 and January 6
  • Purchased a hotel stay or AirBnB in DC, Virginia, or Maryland after January 6
  • Airline-related purchases since January 6
  • Any purchase of weapons  between January 7 and their upcoming suspected stay in the DC area around Inauguration Day

Bank of America allegedly tracked the records of 211 people who made certain purchases in and around Washington, DC, before and after the riots, said Tucker Carlson on his show.

Only one of those 211 people was actually interrogated by the feds all because of his purchase history.

FOX News reported, “It’s not even clear that what Bank of America did is even legal. We spoke to a number of lawyers about this, and some of them told us that what Bank of America did might, in fact, not be legal and could, in fact, be challenged in court. One knowledgeable attorney pointed us to 12 U.S.C. 3403. That’s a federal law that allows banks to tip off the feds to any information that “may be relevant to a possible violation of any statute or regulation.””

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) said on Thursday during the committee hearing that Bank of America provided the FBI with a list of people who used a BofA credit or debit card in the Washington, DC area between January 5 and January 7, 2021, including those who did not take part in the events of January 6.

“The Bank of America turned over the credit card transactions, whether for an aircraft or lodging or the purchase of a cup of coffee for everyone who decided to be in Washington area, the Northern Virginia area,” said Bishop.

“There are victims all over the place. All of the people suffered when the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security got involved in censorship, with social media platforms, millions and millions of tweets and narratives being taken down, that is victimization at scale. It must be resolved.”

“And the fact that those who profess to be most concerned about victimization of people by law enforcement in this country, join in the victimization of you. I think that’s the takeaway, at least for me, from this hearing,” Bishop said.


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