President Trump Rolls Out Three Letter T-Shirt Trolling CNN After He Dominated Town Hall

President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign for the White House is rolling out a victory celebration of sorts after epic domination of CNN at their town hall on Wednesday.

Trump fans will be able to purchase a t-shirt commemorating his perforation and troll the liberal “news” network in the process.

Here is the announcement from Team Trump:

President Trump’s CNN town hall was so masterful that many are now saying CNN should be renamed TNN – the Trump News Network.



Trump News Network certainly has a better ring than the Clinton News Network, doesn’t it? That is term conservatives have used for CNN for the past three decades.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, CNN’s Wednesday townhall with President Trump was a total victory for him in every facet.

He shut down host Kaitlan Collins’ feeble attempts to bully him on subjects ranging from J6, Ukraine, his legal matters, abortion, and more.

The domination was so thorough that the failing “news” network had to cut the townhall short by 20 minutes to stop the rout.

Liberals on TV and social media were unimpressed with Collins’ pathetic performance, including AOC.

Many are now starting to worry that his return to the Oval Office may be inevitable.

Feel free to contact the Trump campaign to order the shirt and trigger the left one more time.


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