Mike Pence Tells Fox News Anchor “A Storm Is Coming One Week from Today” (VIDEO)

Former Vice President Mike Pence made an appearance on Fox News on Thursday morning and warned of the incoming influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Pence warned, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer “A storm is coming one week from today at the Southern Border.”

The former vice president’s warning comes as thousands of migrants are waiting outside of the US Mexico borer waiting for Title 42 to end.


Rep. Andy Biggs recently told The War Room from 700,000 to one million illegal aliens are prepared to storm across the US southern border when Title 42 comes off. And the Border Patrol is not prepared for it.

The Biden regime is going to destroy this country beyond repair. The gates are open. And the media will not report on this.

Title 42 ends on May 10th – next week. Millions of illegals have already flooded across the open US border since Joe Biden became president and opened the US border to the world.


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