Michael Shellenberger Warns That Governments Around the World Are Conspiring to End Free Speech as We Know it (VIDEO)

You may recognize Michael Shellenberger from his many media appearances. He also ran for governor of California in 2022.

Shellenberger is a liberal who has been red-pilled by what is happening in Califonia, but also by the left’s war on free speech. Shellenberger is one of the people Elon Musk enlisted for the purpose of the Twitter Files.

He is now sounding the alarm about the war on free speech, here in America and around the globe and he suggests that it’s all connected.

He recently wrote at Substack:

World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech

The Twitter Files gave us a window into how government agencies, civil society, and tech companies work together to censor social media users. Now, key nations are attempting to enshrine this coordination into law explicitly.

Around the world, politicians have either just passed or are on the cusp of passing sweeping new laws, which would allow governments to censor ordinary citizens on social media and other Internet platforms.

Under the guise of preventing “harm” and holding large tech companies accountable, several countries are establishing a vast and interlinked censorship apparatus, a new investigation by Public finds.

Politicians, NGOs, and their enablers in the news media claim that their goal is merely to protect the public from “disinformation.” But vague definitions and loopholes in new laws will create avenues for broad application, overreach, and abuse.

In Ireland, for example, the government may soon be able to imprison citizens simply for possessing material that officials decide is “hateful.” Under the RESTRICT Act in the US, the government may soon have the authority to monitor the Internet activity of any American deemed a security risk…

The US’s RESTRICT Act, sponsored by Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), threatens 20 years in prison or a $250,000 fine for accessing blacklisted websites through “virtual private networks,” or VPNs, which are ways to create a private connection between a computer or phone and the Internet.

See the video below:

The people we elect to office are supposed to be there to protect our constitutional rights.

Do you believe any of them even understand this issue?


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