“MeToo Pioneer” Bemoans “White Male Privilege” on Coronation Day, Silent on 70 Year Reign of Strong Female Monarch

Dr. Charlotte Proudman is a self-described “MeToo Pioneer.”

Her website proudly declares, “The BBC described Dr Charlotte Proudman as ‘the feminist barrister’. Charlotte is an award-winning barrister, Cambridge academic and campaigner ‘fighting for women’s rights in and out of court,’ inews. Legal Cheek named her ‘#MeToo pioneer’ and the Telegraph said she is ‘clever, confident and impressively well-versed on women’s rights’.”

In a swing and a miss during the coronation festivities, Proudman tweeted, ” ​What a beautiful photograph of white male privilege and entitlement. Sums up who rules our country.”

The always clever Rita Panahi demolished Proudman’s ridiculous virtue-signaling in one succinct line,  “Ummm we’ve just had a female monarch for 70 years & the British prime minister @RishiSunak is a devout Hindu.”

In her rush to show everyone how woke she is, Proudman manages to ignore and erase the life’s work of a powerful woman who served as head of state for 70 years.  Not exactly girl-power.


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