Memorial Day Shocker: New York Mayor Eric Adams Denounces Communism and Socialism, Issues Stirring Call to Young Americans to Embrace Patriotism

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams denounced communalism and socialism while appealing to young people to embrace patriotism in a stirring Memorial Day speech at the USS Intrepid Museum at Pier 86 in Manhattan. (Video of speech at end of article.)

Adams spoke of the “tree of freedom” being watered by the blood of Americans, saying that the tree of freedom protects against the “hot rays of communism and socialism.”

Adams, a former NYPD officer, lamented the results of polls that show only 38 percent of Americans say they are extremely proud of the US and that Americans 18-34 are less likely to defend the U.S. if attacked by a foreign enemy.

Photos via NYC Mayor’s office.

Democratic Socialists of America NYC chapter organizer Darren Goldner blasted Adams as a “fascist”, “eric adams has always been unhinged, self-obsessed, and a fascist. he was a cop. expect him to be even more publicly unhinged & conservative as his election approaches.”

New York Daily News report on Adams’ speech (excerpt):

Mayor Eric Adams denounced left-wing ideologies in an ultra-patriotic Monday speech in which he also lamented a perceived lack of national pride among young Americans.

Speaking at the USS Intrepid Museum’s annual Memorial Day ceremony, the mayor made the critical comments after referencing a Thomas Jefferson quote about the “tree of liberty,” which is commonly interpreted as being about military struggle.

“You water the tree of freedom with your blood,” Adams said. “We sit under the shade of that tree of freedom protected from the hot rays of socialism and communism and destruction that’s playing out across the globe.”

…Earlier in his speech, the centrist Democratic mayor voiced concern about a poll from last year showing that only 38% of Americans consider themselves “extremely proud” of their country, a record low.

Adams declared himself “part of the 38 percenters” and argued more should be done to foster patriotism in younger generations of Americans, including encouraging daily recitations of the pledge of allegiance.

Adams posted several patriotic messages for Memorial Day, focusing on his uncle killed in Vietnam and a video appeal to young people to embrace patriotism, saying “Patriotism is more than just the Pledge of Allegiance, it is pledging to defend our country.”

Video by an attendee in the crowd captured much of Adams’ stirring speech, but not the “tree of freedom” remarks.

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