Mayor Adams Fumes Over Migrant Influx: 900 Migrants Arrive In NYC In One Day… Illegal Alien Crisis Will Cost Over $4B

Mayor Eric Adams is railing against the Biden administration’s open border policy, warning New Yorkers don’t want the mass influx of undocumented migrants from the southern border on their block or in their community.

“Last week and a half ago, we got 4,200 people in one week. This week, we got 900 people on one day,” Adams lamented during an appearance on Carribean Power Jam Radio.

“We’ve run out of space, you know, where to put people then whenever we try to find creative ways, people are pushing back and say, ‘Well, we don’t want it on our block. We don’t want it in our community,” he said. “The federal government has now created this crisis and it’s really undermining our whole city. That’s what I needed New Yorkers to understand. This is undermining all of the progress we have made because of the failure of our federal government.”

Approximately 50 percent of hotel rooms in New York City are now occupied by illegal immigrants.

American veterans have been booted from hotels to accommodate migrants.

Hotels are also abruptly canceling rooms booked for weddings to make room for illegal aliens.

On Friday, the historic 1,000-room Roosevelt Hotel housed 20 busloads of migrants.

“An MTA bus loaded with men, women and children pulled up at the iconic building… shortly before 7 am. The new arrivals clutched brown envelopes and walked in single file,” The New York Post reports. “Photos from inside the building showed the luxury interior covered in signs indicating areas for check-in and registration, as well as chairs with forms about emergency medical services.

Migrants arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel on Friday morning.

Adams deemed the hotel, located at 45 East 45th Street near Grand Central Terminal, the city’s main “asylum seeker arrival center.”

Housing the surge of illegal aliens will cost the Big Apple approximately $4.5 billion, Adams warned. 

“Listen, but the bottom line is we have to go somewhere. And if we don’t go somewhere that people are going to be living like in other municipalities on the streets, in trains stations, all that we’ve done to get people off the streets, out of our trains.”

Adams dismissed claims that asylum seekers are be provided better treatment and resources than New York’s homeless population.

“First, we need to dispel the myth from reality,” he said. “I was at a homeless shelter on Randall’s Island and [a man] said, ‘You know asylum seekers are able to have all these things that I’m not able to get here in my shelter.

“I said, ‘Brother, you could go to the same shelter they’re in,” he continued. ” You know, the shelters are not — wherever the asylum seekers are, it si not only for the asylum seekers — anyone could go there… There’s nothing asylum seekers are getting that any other person who was here beforehand can’t, and anyone who’s a new arrival can get.”

Different sources are disseminating the “myth” about illegal aliens getting special treatment to create “chaos,” the Democrat lawmaker admonished.

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