Mark Levin Calls for Joe Biden’s Removal Under the 25th Amendment in His Most Epic Takedown (VIDEO)

On his show “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News, Mark Levin blasted Joe Biden and called to be removed from office under the 25th amendment.

The Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution deals with presidential succession and disability.

Donald Trump Jr. once said, “If the 25th amendment wasn’t designed specifically for Joe Biden what the hell was it for? I mean seriously… how much more of this sh*t do we have to take?”

Everything the Biden regime touches turns to dust, from foreign embarrassments to domestic issues.

Below are some of the biggest failures of the Biden regime, via Federalist and Heritage Foundation:

  • Immigration Crisis
  • Ballooning Debt
  • Inflation
  • Woke Administrative State
  • Holding Kids Hostage to Trans Radicalism
  • Supporting Child Castration and Sterilization
  • Tapping into Emergency Petroleum Reserves
  • Botching the Afghanistan Withdrawal
  • Letting Babies Go Hungry
  • Forcing the Covid Jab
  • Scheming to Enact Abortion Radicalism
  • Specter of Scandal

“Joe Biden stands for freedom. Actually, Joe Biden stands for Totalitarianism,” said Mark Levin in his epic takedown.

“There’s not a damn thing he’s done as President to promote freedom. In fact, I can’t think of anything that man did as Vice President or in the Senate for 412 years to promote freedom. As a matter of fact, Joe Biden is the last of the segregationists, the old segregationists. He likes to pretend he was part of the civil rights movement. He was part of the anti-civil rights movement.”

“Soon as he stepped foot in the US Senate, he befriended the most racist segregationists in the US Senate, and they took him under his wing… Joe Biden was a full-throated segregationist and racist, and so he’s always remaking himself into something that he’s not of course.”

“We have a 25th amendment there. We shouldn’t have to wait to figure out how to trigger the 25th Amendment to figure out if Joe Biden’s capable of being President of the United States. That man has his finger right next to the nuclear button. We have a right to know as the American people. I thought he believed in freedom. Now let’s look at his freedom agenda and policies. Disinformation board, Twitter, FBI, DHS, censorship, replacing equality with equity. Very Marxist of him. Serial noncompliance with the Constitution. He rules by executive orders.”

Watch Mark Levin’s epic rant below:

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