Liberal Author Stephen King Gets Destroyed by Dan Bongino After Posting Nasty Tweet Making Fun of Bongino for Leaving Fox News

Infamous liberal author Stephen King thought he had uncorked an epic zinger toward recently departed Fox News host Dan Bongino. But it all ended up going horribly wrong for “The Shining” author.

On Monday, Bongino posted a relatively uncontroversial fact among conservatives: Joe Biden is the worst “president” in US history.

The tweet was not directed toward anyone in particular. But King saw an opportunity to pounce and poke fun at Bongino leaving Fox News.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Bongino and Fox News parted ways after being unable to agree on a new contract.

Bongino still has a top ten radio show and manages billion dollar tech investments.

He made this known to King in colorful fashion (warning on language):

Yeah dude, working six days a week, doing a top-ten podcast, a nationally syndicated radio show, managing billion dollar tech nvestments, and finishing off another book made me reevaluate my work schedule.

But keep b****ing and moaning like a chump on Twitter while we use you for comedy relief in show material. #Dips***.

King was at least smart enough not to respond to this epic roasting. He would have only ended up embarrassing himself further.

Conservatives loved what they saw from Bongino.


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