Leftists on TikTok Whine Over Americans Standing for the National Anthem at Restaurant – Conservatives Respond (VIDEO)

Credit: New York Post

There is an old saying that liberals think everyday is tax day while conservatives think every day is the Fourth of July.

Today’s woke leftists loathe the very foundations of America.. A Gallup poll from last year shows only 26% of Democrats are “extremely proud” to be American.

America’s enemies have sought to amplify the left’s hatred of America in various ways. One example is Chinese-run TikTok.

Fox News reported Tuesday that liberals on the platform erupted in a seething rage at the sight of a dozen Americans standing for the national anthem at Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, a Fallbrook, California eatery.


The Tiktok user who originally posted the video of the Americans standing called it “the most dangerous situation she had ever been in.”

Imagine how sick of person you have to be to get upset over people expressing pride in the greatest nation on Earth.

Another Tiktoker who was at the establishment expressed pure, unbridled hatred. “I hated it there so much,” she said.

Fox News has more on the deranged responses:

One person said the scene looked like one out of a horror movie.

“Serious question. Is this real? Like people actually do this in real everyday life?” another user responded.

Some from other countries found the tradition bizarre.

“As someone from the uk [sic] this feels so dystopian,” one person wrote.

“In Spain we dont even hear the national anthem that much, so this would 100% freak me out so much,” another user responded.

Several others called the video, “wild” “scary” and “terrifying.”

According to Fox News, Rainbow Oaks plays the anthem every day at noon. This is a tradition that has been in place for six years.

Conservatives responded to the liberal meltdown:


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