Leftist Singer John Mellencamp Song Highlights Disastrous Portland “Land of Plenty Where Nothing Gets Done”

Portland, Oregon is such a disaster, even singer/songwriter John Mellencamp, who boasts he is “as left-wing as you can get,”  has penned an ode to the socialist hellhole and its failures.

The song “The Eyes of Portland,” highlights the homelessness crisis as the city continues to devolve into squalor and violence.

Failed Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler appeared to laugh and scoff at a woman during a virtual city council meeting when she raised concerns about the crisis in the city and the safety of Portland’s citizens.

An 82-year-old died after he was brutally beaten in an unprovoked attack at a Portland bus stop.

The city was embroiled conflict for days after the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling on abortion, smashing windows and vandalizing several buildings.

In April, Antifa terrorists attacked participants of the People’s Convoy from an overpass throwing  paint-filled balloons and rocks onto vehicles along the 205 North.

One woman died and five others were injured in a mass shooting involving Antifa militants at an anti-police protest.

Local businesses and major retails have shut their doors because of the homelessness, violence, crime and theft.

Mellencamp sings:

All of thesе homeless, wherе do they come from?
In this land of plenty where nothing gets done
To help those who are empty and unable to run
Your tears and prayers won’t help the homeless

Portland residents joined Fox & Friends and shared how the song has resonated with concerned citizens.

“It is pretty bad, isn’t it? The city of Portland and the state of Oregon are really in crisis at this time. And John Mellencamp has nailed it with a couple of these lines in the song. I think my favorite is one of the ones you just said, ‘The land of the plenty where nothing gets done,’” resident Bridget Barton said on “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday.


“In Oregon, we only have 4 million plus people. In the last six or seven years, we’ve committed $4 billion to this crisis. And yet Portland’s mayor freely admits that the problem is 50% worse, not better. It’s 50% worse. That’s a sad commentary on his leadership and on the state’s leadership,” Barton added.


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