Kari Lake SLAMS Former Nazi George Soros, Discusses Why She’s Speaking at CPAC Hungary With Steve Bannon

Kari Lake recently appeared on Bannon’s War Room to discuss her trip to Hungary to give a keynote speech at CPAC Hungary.

She also took aim at former Nazi George Soros, calling him “the most infamous person from Hungary,” whose “arch-enemy number one” is Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The Gateway Pundit reported last year that an intelligence report prepared by Hungarian secret services, and published November 23, 2022, revealed $7.5 million in illegal foreign funding behind the campaign of Hungary’s Soros and Biden-backed “United Opposition,” which tried in vain to defeat popular conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Biden, Berlin and Brussels worked together with the “United Opposition,” which included the neo-Nazi Jobbik party, to try and oust the Christian Conservative Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to no avail. Orbán was reelected in April with his fourth two-thirds majority (67,84%) – 135 out of 199 seats in Parliament. Orbán called it “a victory so great that you can see it from the moon.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake is visiting Hungary and Europe to give her address at CPAC and meet with top conservative leaders. Hungarian News outlets are absolutely amazed by Kari Lake, using phrases like “most charismatic,” “adamant and uncompromising,” and one of CPAC Hungary’s most important speakers this year” to describe her.

JUST IN: MAGA STAR Kari Lake to Give KEYNOTE ADDRESS at CPAC Hungary in Budapest, Hungarian Media Loves Her! – Lake to Meet With Hungarian Prime Minister and Top Conservative Leaders in Europe

Kari Lake is an international superstar.

Watch below:

Bannon: CPAC Hungary. Why is Kari Lake taking the message of freedom? Why are you going to Budapest? Why are you going to CPAC Hungary, ma’am?

Lake: Oh, I’m looking forward to it, and I’m honored to be going and being one of the main speakers there. I mean, Hungary is doing things right. They have a leader who is putting the people of that country first in Viktor Orban. And you know he’s doing the right thing when his arch-enemy number one, George Soros, is doing everything he can to try to topple him. And obviously the most infamous person from Hungary is George Soros. And so we’re looking forward to going to the free country of Hungary and seeing — when you have a leader or representative who is putting your needs and the needs of your country first — what happens. It is really a great country to look at and to how good things can be going for the people. And we frankly need to get back to that. All countries, I believe, need to get back to where they’re electing people who are putting the needs and interests of their country and their citizenship first. That’s what MAGA is. It stands for Make America Great Again. And we sometimes forget that when we hear MAGA, and the left tries to turn that into a negative thing. I don’t know how you could make something negative when you’re trying to put your country first. So, I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be the first week of March, and we are so happy to be there. I hope people will join us. I have never been there. I hear it’s a beautiful country to visit. This would be a great way to get a little bit of a vacation under your belt and also hear some of the great conservative speakers.


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