JUST IN: Owner of MI Horse Farm, Who Refused to Sell Property to CCP-Tied Battery Plant, is Notified She’s Under Investigation by Gov. Agency Tied to Dirty Dem AG Dana Nessel

100 Percent Fed Up reports – The state of Michigan is currently investigating a horse farm after its owner held a rally against the building of an electric vehicle battery component plant that will be built by Gotion, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Guoxuan High-Tech Co.

Proposed CCP-tied Gotion battery plant

The MI Republican Party has long taken issue with Gotion, which has ties to the CCP.

In October 2022, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who lost a massive electric-vehicle plant expansion opportunity with Michigan-based Ford Motor Company, bragged that the CCP-tied company, Gotion, would be moving to Michigan and building a battery plant that would be funded by Michigan taxpayers to the tune of just under a BILLION dollars.

Ford Motor Company’s decision to build electric vehicles outside of Michigan, the automotive capital of the world, was a huge embarrassment for Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s least pro-business governor in decades, who was left flat-footed when it was revealed she had no idea of Ford’s $11.4 billion plan to build their new electric vehicles in facilities located in Tennessee and Kentucky.


Gotion’s plan to build a battery plant in Big Rapids, Michigan, was approved by the Democrat-controlled Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee on April 20.

While Gov. Whitmer has hailed the plan as “the biggest ever economic development project in Northern Michigan,” she has ignored the environmental impacts and potential security risks for the community.

“Pure CHINA” is a play on Michigan’s travel slogan, “Pure Michigan”

This plant will reportedly consume twice the amount of water per day as Nestle’s Ice Mountain water bottling plant, which is located only 15 miles from the proposed Gotion site.

Lori Brock, the owner of Majestic Friesians Horse Farm in Big Rapids, has expressed concern over the environmental impacts that the battery plant will have. The plant, which will receive at least $750 million in taxpayer subsidies, will be built near her 150-acre horse farm, which has 20 horses.

Lori Brock, owner of Majestic Friesians Horse Farm

Brock refused to sell her land to Gotion, then held an anti-Gotion rally at her farm.

The farm owner stated that she is against the Gotion plant because they lied about their ties to China, community support of the project, and hourly wages.

A horse on Lori Brock’s farm wearing a blanket that says, “I say neigh to Gotion”

Just days after her rally, the Agriculture and Rural Development office, a government organization under the authority of dirty Democrat AG Dana Nessel’s office, received a Right to Farm complaint alleging that there was manure run-off from Brock’s farm into tributaries of the Muskegon River.

MI Attorney General Dana Nessel (D), MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D)

Brock anticipates receiving this complaint from representatives of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, a government agency under the control of Michigan’s lawless Attorney General Dana Nessel, on Thursday.

Brock, who built the farm 13 years ago and has never before had any issues, believes that the complaint is just “harassment.”

Speaking to The Midwesterner, Brock said, “For 20 horses on 150 acres, there’s no way I’m in violation of anything.”

“My farm is pristine, and I’m not worried one bit because we’re not doing anything to endanger anything,” Brock told The Center Square.

“They’re [Gotion] absolutely cannibalizing all the land near us and are scaring people into selling their property,” said Brock. “I don’t believe in bullies, and I will never, ever sell to them. They’d be the last person in this world that I’d ever sell my property to.”

“I’ve lived in this community for 40 years. There are some things that money can’t buy. And if I gave into them, it would be showing my daughters that you give into bullies, and I’ve raised my daughters to stand up and be tough and never give into bullies.”


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