Jerome Corsi’s Latest Book: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy:
Why the Government of the United States is Unfit to Rule

Guest post by Dr. Jerome Corsi

For sixty years now—since November 22, 1963—the federal government of the United States has lied to us about the assassination in Dallas of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

When JFK’s limousine arrived at Parkland Hospital, Secret Service agents destroyed evidence by wiping JFK’s blood and brains from the limousine that carried him to his death.  Still, today, U.S. intelligence agencies continue to redact, classify, and conceal crucial documentary evidence.

We begin by acknowledging our debt to the scores of JFK assassination researchers who have devoted their time and effort to illuminate what happened on that dark day in Dallas sixty years ago.

After nine visits to the National Archives to examine the JFK autopsy X-rays, David Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., acquired forensic proof that JFK was hit by three headshots, one from behind and two from the front.  Headshots hitting nearly simultaneously from the back and the front prove that JFK died in a crossfire.

Dr. Mantik, a radiation oncologist with 40 years of experience reading X-rays, has empirically demonstrated several impossible features of these skull X-rays.  Thus, the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman assassin cannot possibly be true.

Dr. Mantik can also forensically demonstrate that the remaining three JFK skull X-rays in the National Archives are not the originals.  He has proven that these are altered copies of the original skull X-rays, and he has experimentally demonstrated how it was done.  The alterations to both lateral skull X-rays mask the blowout in the right rear of the head from one of the frontal shots. The image of a false bullet fragment added to the A-P [anterior-posterior] skull X-ray was placed there to help incriminate Oswald, thus creating the impression that all the damage done to JFK’s skull and brain came from a single gunshot from the rear.  That the X-rays in the National Archives are altered copies provides additional proof that the Warren Report is disinformation.  That the original X-rays are missing is further evidence of a coverup.

Lyndon Johnson advanced the coverup by appointing one of the chief co-conspirators, Allen Dulles, to the Warren Commission.  JFK had Dulles fired from his position as head of the CIA. The job of the Warren Commission was to chisel into stone the government’s lie that a lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, killed JFK by firing three shots from a sixth-floor window using an unreliable surplus Italian military rifle with an improperly adjusted scope.

The federal government simply could not allow the public to learn that JFK’s assassination was a coup d’état originating at the highest levels of the federal government.  The government disinformation campaign began by altering evidence at the crime scene itself. It continued by destroying evidence of a crossfire and culminated in manufacturing falsified evidence designed to frame Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman.  The government’s disinformation campaign continues today through its efforts to refute and discredit anyone who dares to expose its lies.

After addressing the JFK headshots, this book examines the wounds to JFK’s back and throat.  We will demonstrate that the back shot was a high-angle shot that did not lodge deeply into JFK’s back.  Thus, the back shot came most likely from a rooftop behind JFK. The evidence also suggests that JFK’s throat wound derived from a frontal shot that did not transverse or exit JFK’s body.  This throat wound resulted from a shot from the south side of the Triple Overpass (opposite the Grassy Knoll), entering JFK’s neck after transitioning the windshield of the limousine.  The most important conclusion is that neither shot passed through or exited JFK’s body, thus proving that Arlen Specter’s “magic bullet” theory was a complete hoax.

We are at a unique moment in our nation’s history.  After the federal government portrayed COVID-19 as a deadly pandemic that required a national lockdown and the FDA approved a vaccine that did not prevent those vaccinated from COVID-19 infection, an increasing number of Americans are beginning to realize we cannot trust the federal government to tell the truth.  With the forensic evidence we present here comes the uncomfortable realization that a government that the citizens can no longer trust is unfit to rule.

Dr. Mantik’s nine visits to the National Archives to examine the JFK autopsy X-rays are far more than any other qualified expert.  Furthermore, he has devoted 30 years of forensic thought to these issues.  Thus, we have written this book in the first person, allowing David Mantik to tell his story in his own words.

We have also decided to dedicate the book to Douglas P. Horne, a tireless researcher who worked closely with David Mantik through the years that Dr. Mantik was in Washington to study the JFK X-rays in the National Archives.  Horne was Chief Analyst for Military Records while on the Assassination Records Review Board staff.  We consider Horne’s five-volume book series Inside the Assassination Records Review Board to be the definitive treatment of the federal government’s disinformation campaign.  Throughout the book, David will explain his research collaboration with Douglas Horne, demonstrating the degree to which they agree about the conspiracy that killed JFK.


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