J6 Political Prisoner on GOP Cover-Up: ‘Hey Kevin McCarthy, Where The Hell Is The F**** Footage From January 6 That You’ve Been Promising Everyone?’

Republican lawmakers facilitating America’s demise are a “disgrace and embarrassment,” J6 political prisoner Dominic Pezzolla fumed during a call with The Gateway Pundit.

“We were right across the street from the Capitol. Do you think one of those Republicans would even walk across the street to observe the atrocities that were happening in that courtroom?” Pezzola admonished in his first interview since a jury of Antifa-sympathizers convicted leaders of the Proud Boys of seditious conspiracy. “Not one of them gives a shit about any of us — they don’t.

“They go in there and talk a big game, they are going to, ‘Fight for you,’ ‘They’re going to fight for us.’ Hey, Kevin McCarthy, where the hell is the f****  footage from January 6 that you’ve been promising everyone? Where is it?”

In January Speaker Kevin McCarthy vowed to release all the Jan 6 footage from the Capitol as Congress began this session with a Republican majority.

Here we are now, 5 months into House Republicans’ reign of Congress, and nothing is happening.

“He still hasn’t let it out. They are just all talk. They don’t care about us,” Pezzola said. “If we don’t get up and get off our asses and grow a set, it’s going to be too late for our way of life. If it doesn’t affect you right now, someday, your children are going to school in between learning about proper pronouns and transgender studies, they are going to be learning about the ancient conservatives that are now extinct that used to roam the planes of the fly-over country that had to be eradicated by the left because they were a threat to socialism and communism.

“How dare [McCarthy] call himself a Republican. You say you work for us? Everyone knows that January 6 was a complete set-up. There are feds, there are informants and there’s Antifa — I mean, there is everything you can imagine in there.”


As TGP has reported, constitutional experts contend the GOP-led House wields legislative power to assure J6 defendants are afforded due process and even set them free.

“Article I Section 8 Clause 17 of the US Constitution is known as the “enclave clause,” explains attorney David Clements. “It establishes Congress’s exclusive power to regulate all matters within the District of Columbia. This would necessarily include all matters related to police power, the option of establishing a city council and position of mayor to run the district’s affairs, and the administration of prisons and the treatment of prisoners.

“In other words, your elected representatives, now led by a Republican majority, should be lobbied 24/7 for the immediate release of those imprisoned in the DC gulag now. Withholding federal funding, or exercising the ‘power of the purse’ should be leveraged.”

Instead, the Department of Justice continues to expand its J6 probe, arresting more people who protested the stolen 2020 presidential election every week. In violation of the Sixth Amendment, J6ers are held without bond, subjected to cruel and unusual treatment while incarcerated and barred access to discovery among a litany of Constitutional abridgments.

On May 4, former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, and Zachary Rehl were convicted of seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct an official and a slew of federal charges in connection with the January 6, 2021 breach of the U.S. Capitol.

Although Tarrio was not in attendance at the riot, prosecutors accused him of spearheading the attack and directing high-ranking Proud Boy members who called themselves the “Ministry of Self-Defense” in their siege of Capitol Hill.

Pezzola, who joined the Proud Boys 30 days prior to January 6, was acquitted of a seditious conspiracy charge but convicted of other charges, including robbery of government property and assaulting, resisting, or impeding an officer.

Each of the defendants faces 20 years in federal prison. Sentencing is expected in late August, but attorneys representing the defendants are told sentencing could be postponed to October

Judge Timothy J. Kelly, the Trump-appointed magistrate presiding over the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial, allowed the government to stack the jury with Antifa supporters.

Throughout the 5-month trial, Kelly, whose wife works for DC’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, also allowed the government to withhold all details about the Confidential Human Sources employed by government agencies to patriot groups during the riot. 

“It’s part of the coverup,” Pezzola warned. “We found 50 undercover agents and Confidential Human Sources that were in the crowd that day just around us that day. The judge won’t let it in. Why? Because we start unraveling that web of lies its going to lead to the truth that day and none of them want the truth to come out. Every one of these people that lives in DC is entangled in the same web of corruption that has been destroying this country for decades now.”

“This is all about the stolen election and now we are supposed to go in front of the judge and apologize for things we didn’t do. And tell them we were deranged and our thoughts were wrong. This is not how this country is supposed to work. We are supposed to be able to have our own thoughts,” Pezzola said. “Everything that was done was a coverup for what happened in the election, there was a lot of shady shit that happened that should have been investigated.  And everyone wanted to turn their noses on it. All these federal judges, all these judges in DC have all been completely corrupted by the Democrat machine in here. It’s unbelievable.”

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Police shot and almost killed scores of people as they shot and fired grenades at a moderately calm, unarmed crowd on January 6.

Pezzola, an infantry Marine veteran, described the mayhem that led to him becoming incensed and shattering a Capitol building window:

There was pushing back and forth between the Capitol cops and a few agitators. It went on for about ten seconds and then it stopped. But in that ten seconds, they gave the order to shoot. So, these cops are shooting people in the head, shooting people in the face.

Even after the crowd de-escalated — they were just standing there doing nothing, that’s when the cops, whoever was in charge, gave the cease-fire order, ‘Stop shooting.’ But they didn’t.  They kept shooting until they hit like three people in the face, hit like five, six, people in the head. Then they shot Josh Black in the face. And I showed them all of this. I even walked up and I told the cops, ‘Hey you guys are going to fucking kill somebody with they way you’re acting. And you know what, they started shooting at me. So, I grabbed a shield because I tried to protect myself.

I still can’t believe there isn’t a single person that wants to investigate the behavior of those cops that day. I know no one in Congress wants to, even the weak ass Republicans that are in there because Capitol Police protect them so the last thing they want to do is offend them. But I’m telling you right now, if some sorry-ass BLM member, Antifa supporter was on the stand talking about how police used excessive force, deadly force, police brutality and everything else, they would have been exonerated. They would have been paid. The cops would have been fired and prosecuted.

[The government] actually got pretty freaked out in my testimony.

I showed picture after picture after picture of them throwing flash grenades through the air, not even at anyone who was doing anything, through the air at crowds of innocent people just standing there, doing nothing but just standing there having their voices heard protesting and they’re getting blown up. You see women flying across the ground and laying on the ground, elderly people and stuff. It was sick, it was completely sick. It was like walking on the beaches of Normandy, I mean I wasn’t there but I could imagine. They weren’t picking agitators, they were just shooting anyone.

I even showed the jury a picture of the side of the gun they were using. It said, ‘Warning, use with extreme caution, do not shoot in head or face, head shots may cause injury or death. But they still convicted me of trying to defend myself. I had bullets coming within an inch of my face and ther was no where to run. Where are you going to to run? So, I grabbed a shield to try to defend myself. And they still, ‘he’s guilty of everything.’ If I was someone on the left that did that shit, they would have given me a medal.”

We had a video of the cops telling us that we can stay [in the Capitol building] as long as we were peaceful, and the judge won’t let us bring it in.

I overreacted because I saw a lot of things happen that day that shouldn’t have happened. I saw a lot of innocent people getting injured. Joshua Black got shot in the face right in front of me. It was right in front of me. I was a couple feet away and I saw what happened to his face. They shot right at his face. He was bleeding all over the place. I over and told the cops, ‘What the hell you doing?’ and they started shooting at us again.

So, everyone flipped. I mean, people were pissed man. You go there, you are already emotional because you think the election was messed up and then you go there to protest and a little scuffle breaks out and they they just unload an arsenal on you. They were completely out of line. and not one person who supposedly speaks for us as conservaties will even attempt to look at the police’s conduct that day.

Our families are suffering. I have two daughter sin college, my wife is working as much as she can to support them. We need financial support. Keep pressuring these Congressmen. I know some people have gone, but it’s not enough. They should be bothered day and night. Their phone should be blowing up. Where is the January 6 footage you promised us? why do you guys do nothing but talk and not produce? We have to put the pressure on them.

We are being treated worse than Al-Qaeda terrorists. Our government is treating us — I served my country, honorably, I was discharged. Bigg’s served his country.  We are family men. We wanted to stand up and protest on J6 for the tyranny and atrocities and the fraud that we saw happening and now we are being treated like enemy combatants for it.

Footage from J6 shows Ray Epps demanding demonstrators to storm the Capitol. Epps is seen standing beside Pezzola, Nordean, Biggs and Rehl, who have been detained in solitary confinement for over two years, as they approached the Capitol building. Epps has yet to be arrested. Instead, he is portrayed as a victim of right-conspiracy theorists by the mainstream media.

Pezzola described Epps’ attempts to cajole him and others to storm the Capitol:

We’ve got a Republican-controlled Congress…why isn’t Ray Epps’ ass in front of these people now? And they are trying to get to the bottom of what he did? You know how many videos I saw of him telling people, ‘We’ve got to go in the building.’

Right in the middle of the chaos there, I saw another video, he was laughing saying, ‘Oh, this is great. Reminds me of old times, yeah!’ I mean, he told me, ‘We got to go in the building. There is a video of him standing right next to me and he’s talking to me, and he points towards the scaffold saying, ‘Yeah, we could probably get into the building up there.’ I looked at him and go, ‘What are you nuts?’ And he’s going, ‘No, no, no, no. This is what we’ve got to do. This is the only way to get heard. We’ve got to get inside!’  I looked at him like he was crazy and that was it. But he was saying that all day long. And I have the video proof.

I have the video proof of the police shooting at us. I had all the videos of the police throwing flash grenades in the crowd blowing up women and like their teenage daughters and stuff. It was sick what they did. It was completely sick. They used illegal force, they used deadly force all day long. They get medals for it. They kill four Trump supporters that day and they get medals for it. We are really living in a sick, disgusting time in the history of our country.



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