Homeless Encampment in Marin County, California Grows to TWO MILES Long (VIDEO)

A homeless encampment of decaying campers and RVs in Marin County, California has grown to a stunning two miles long.

This is a good reminder that some problems which start out small will grow if they are not dealt with immediately.

You have to wonder why the people of this community have allowed this situation to get so out of hand.

RedState reports:

Massive 2-Mile Long Homeless Encampment Plagues Posh Marin County, CA

In April, I wrote about the many dilapidated RVs with homeless people living inside them that plague neighborhoods in Los Angeles and bring crime and filth to the surrounding streets. I told the story of how one RV exploded in a fiery ball (powered by propane tanks that were presumably used to make meth) barely two blocks from my residence.

As bad as that situation is, it’s nothing compared to what residents in Marin County, California wake up to each morning—both the NY Post and the Daily Mail reported Friday on the massive, two-mile-long homeless camp with dozens of RVs parked alongside Binford Road in the pricey neighborhood of Novato:

A two-mile strip of road in posh Marin County, California – which George Lucas, Tony Bennett and Robin Williams have all called home – has been overrun by a vagrant camp that has brought drugs and devastation to the area.

Binford Road in the city of Novato has devolved into a makeshift neighborhood of “tweakers” with hordes of people living apparently rent-free in a shabby collection of broken-down RVs and trailers parked at the side of the street.

The Post counted 71 vehicles in the area at the time, but local officials put the number at 135 in the neighborhood where the average home price is over $1,000,000.

See the video below:

Imagine being a taxpayer here.

Why do people put up with this?

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