“He’s Not the President! He’s the Son! Nepotism is Not a Crime!” – Far Left Fox News Contributor Juan Williams Has Epic Meltdown After Newt Gingrich Obliterates His Pathetic Attempts to Defend Biden Crime Family (VIDEO)

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The walls are closing in on the Biden Crime Family and liberals are losing their minds. Far left Fox News contributor Juan Williams is exhibit A of this new reality.

Jim Hoft reported Sunday that Rep. Comer announced during an interview with Maria Bartiromo that he will hold a press conference on Wednesday with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). During the press conference, Comer said he will disclose specific Biden family bank records which could indicate alleged bribery from foreign adversaries.

“Senator Grassley and I received a tip on a whistleblower. Senator Grassley was the lead in this. We reviewed documents from the legally protected whistleblower, a highly credible whistleblower that would implicate Joe Biden in a pay-per-play scheme in trying to set up a deal to receive funds [for him] and his family in exchange for foreign policy decisions,” Comer told Bartiromo.

Williams was debating former House Speaker Newt Gingrich regarding the Biden family on Fox News Sunday and things immediately went off the rails for the liberal.

The video starts with Williams acknowledging Hunter’s serious personal problems but then laughably remarks that Joe’s corrupt actions were completely out of love for his son.

We know Hunter Biden’s an addict, we know he’s an alcoholic. We know he’s had sex addiction problems. We know he’s not the son you would have.

But Joe Biden acted as a father trying to protect his son and try to help his son. I don’t think anyone’s gonna fault him for that.


Williams then has the audacity to claim the righteous investigations into the Biden family are a complete distraction from President Donald Trump’s legal problems. He also takes a cheap shot at Trump’s family.

But you compare that to the graft and the grifting from Trump golf courses, Trump hotels, Chinese shoe deals with the daughter, and the son-in-law getting billions from the Saudis. It’s unbelievable.

Even this week you have to compare it to the trouble we’ve heard about in New York with the sexual assault case against Trump.

But this is what Hunter Biden has come down to now. He is a distraction, a shield against all the trouble that Trump is experiencing.

This is when Gingrich came in and tried to set Williams straight with the brutal truth.

They may be legal. There are facts. The widow of the Moscow mayor sent millions of dollars to Hunter Biden. He got money from Kazakhstan.

He got money from Ukraine and served on a board about which he knew nothing. He got a lot of money from China and it’s a fact, Juan, that there were $3 million that has been disclosed that went to the Biden family from a Chinese billionaire.

Now you can decide that none of this stuff matters, but the fact is you have the Vice President of the United States taking his son on Air Force Two into China where his son is making business deals. And you just described his son. Your language, he’s a sex addict, he’s an alcoholic.

Stung by these facts, Williams had an epic melt down and started his whataboutism defense of the Biden Crime Family all over again.

Is that an attack on the president? He’s not the president! He’s the son!

Nepotism is not a crime! You look at the nepotism in every president and every famous family but that’s not a crime.

Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream then came in and asked Juan Williams if a double standard existed. Williams responded by humiliating himself one more time:

Look, I think you have a son, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter who might make some business deals. Newt describes this as millions flowing to the family.

Kind of a Morpheus. But I know specifically of two billion dollars that went to Jared Kushner and nobody’s gonna argue about that.

Upon hearing this, Gingrich finished the flailing liberal off with a brutal zinger.

My only point is if you listen to his description of Hunter, why would anyone invest in Hunter? They were investing in Joe!

The left is in for a nasty reminder of this reality on Wednesday. Hopefully, impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden will follow.


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