GOP Arizona State Representatives File Formal Ethics Complaint Against House Democrat Who Was Caught Red-Handed Stealing Bibles and Hiding Them in House Members-Only Lounge

AZ State Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton(left), Sen. Mark Kelly(right)

Three GOP Arizona State House members have filed a formal ethics complaint against Democrat Arizona State Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, citing ” for unethical conduct and behavior undignified of a Member of the Arizona House of Representatives.”

This comes after the Representative admitted last week to stashing bibles around the House members-only lounge in order to hide them from other members.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Representative Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton,  a so-called ordained minister, was caught by a security camera earlier this month hiding Bibles by stuffing them in couch cushions and the refrigerator of the House members-only lounge.

VIDEO: Democrat AZ State Rep. ADMITS and Apologizes for Stealing and Hiding Bibles in Lawmaker’s Lounge after Running from Reporters

She later claimed that scripture “is what guides me” and “shapes and informs the decisions I make,” an obvious lie. She then claimed that offending others “was never the intent” behind her actions. Her true intention was likely to push the Marxist agenda.

Communist goal #28 from the US House of Representatives on January 10, 1963, states, “Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression… on the ground that it violates the principle of ‘separation of church and state.’”

Stahl-Hamilton admitted to stealing bibles and hiding them in the House members-only lounge and apologized to her colleagues during the House floor session Wednesday after reporters chased her down with questions about the bizarre footage.

VIDEO: Democrat AZ State Rep. ADMITS and Apologizes for Stealing and Hiding Bibles in Lawmaker’s Lounge after Running from Reporters

Stahl Hamilton gave the following statement to Arizona Family, saying it was just a joke and her apparent faith as a Presbyterian minister shows that she doesn’t “have a problem with the bible.”

As State Rep. Anthony Kern pointed out, “bible hider” Stahl-Hamilton appears to have deleted her Twitter account, likely out of embarrassment.

Rep. Justin Heath shared on Twitter yesterday that he, Rep. David Marshall, and Rep. Lupe Diaz have filed a formal ethics complaint against Stahl-Hamilton’s un-American conduct.

Full statement below:

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton Seeking Investigation of Her Actions to Remove, Conceal, and Disrespect Bibles in the State House

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Arizona State Representatives Justin Heap, David Marshall, and Lupe Diaz today filed a formal complaint with the House Ethics Committee over recent conduct by Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, who admitted last week to removing and concealing Bibles displayed in the House Members Lounge.

Statement from Representatives Heap. Marshall, and Diaz:

“The Preamble to the Arizona Constitution reads only: We the people of the State of Arizona, grateful to Almighty God for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution.’

The Holy Bible has been central to the formation and history of our State. It remains today a source of inspiration, guidance, and hope for millions of Arizona citizens.

Bibles have been present at the Capitol since its founding and two copies of the Holy Bible are proudly displayed in the Members Lounge outside the entrance to the House Chamber. There they serve as an abiding reminder to your elected Representatives that there is an authority higher than themselves, and that authority demands that they act with humility, compassion, and personal integrity in all that they do.

The actions of Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton to remove, conceal, and disrespect the sacred text held in reverence by her fellow members suggests to her colleagues, and to the millions of faithful citizens of Arizona, that their beliefs and values are no longer welcome within the halls of their own government.

We formally request that the House Ethics Committee investigate fully the actions of Representative Stahl Hamilton for unethical conduct and behavior undignified of a Member of the Arizona House of Representatives. May the same Almighty God, recognized by Arizona’s Founders continue to protect our liberty.”

A copy of the formal complaint filed with the House Ethics Committee is attached.

Representative Stahl-Hamilton should be expelled for her actions. Contact GOP House Legislators to demand her expulsion for this reprehensible act.

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