Former CNN Potato Brian Stelter and NBC Host Wonder Who Will “Police” Tucker Carlson’s Speech on His Twitter Show (VIDEO)

Now that Tucker Carlson has announced that he is taking his show to Twitter, some of the usual suspects in liberal media are already melting down.

On NBC, former media reporter Brian Stelter and some random host wondered who will “police” Tucker Carlson’s words. They are basically admitting to being speech police.

Stelter also claims that this move will solidify Twitter as a ‘right wing’ website. Free speech is apparently right wing now.

Trending Politics has the transcript:

Brian Stelter Melts Down Over Tucker’s New Show, Calls Twitter ‘Right-Wing Website’

Former CNN host Brian Stelter said Tucker Carlson’s decision to stream his show via Twitter will cement the site’s transition to a “right-wing website” during a recent appearance on NBC.

“Twitter was already under fire for misinformation, disinformation, all-out lies, antisemitism, racism, before Elon Musk took over and now it’s gotten kind of crazy, right?” Stelter was asked by the clearly-partisan host. “Will anybody be able to police what Carlson says or is it a free-for-all?”

“This is the point,” Stelter replied. “It is s free for all. It’s what Elon Musk wants to provide. This move from Tucker may cement Twitter as a right-wing website.”

Here’s the video:

This isn’t the first time that Brian Stelter has made this point about Twitter. Here’s a flashback:

These liberal media types think free speech should only apply to them.


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