Former Censorship Czar and Lounge Singer Nina Jankowicz Sues FOX News for Defamation in Latest Lawfare Suit

Nina Jankowicz is the former executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s now-disbanded Disinformation Governance Board or “Ministry of Truth.”

Jankowicz has been wrong about nearly every single issue in the past five years.

And she likes to think she’s a super hottie.

And here she is singing about who to f**k to enhance her career.

Via Midnight Rider.

And now there are even more tweets from the singing leftist who apparently is wrong about most every major issue.

Nina was pushing the completely fraudulent Steele dossier.

Jancowicz consistently pushed the garbage Trump-Russia hoax.

Jankowicz claimed Trump would embolden ISIS -- a group he obliterated.

And here she is pushing the Trump-Russia lie.

What a perfect fit for the Democrats as their new speech czar!

The truth means nothing to these communists. And, don't be fooled, this is communism. But it does give them more power.

In March Jankowicz launched a crowd-funding effort to sue FOX News.

On Thursday Nina Jankowicz sued FOX News for defamation.

The Conservative Treehouse responded to the latest lawfare suit against FOX News.

Whether you believe Fox News intentionally created this opening, or whether it was just a disastrous mistake on behalf of a multi-billion corporation with a full suite of lawyers they chose not to use, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corp created a problem in the Dominion settlement that is only going to get worse.

Once you expose yourself to the vulnerabilities of Lawfare, the leftists will pour through the opening like Central American aliens in Texas. Funded by allies in the cultural and political battle, former DHS Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz is now suing Fox News for defamation of her character and reputational harm.

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